TGW Stingray Shuttle Solution

High efficiency, complete flexibility, modular system

TGW Stingray Shuttle SolutionPLAY

    The STINGRAY boosts your throughput rates.

    The TGW systems are modular and flexible to change.

    The lightweight design leads to energy efficient use of the installation.

    Quick fasteners provide opening of the covers in seconds.

The shuttle solution differentiates itself from stacker crane solutions by providing higher throughput rates. The requirements determine the number of implemented shuttles, as well as the assembly of tote- and shuttle-lifts. Due to the flexible system, these assemblies are able to be changed retroactively.

The full version equips each storage level with one STINGRAY and each aisle with two container lifts, which provides highest throughput rates. But also lower performance rates are optimised by the shuttle: single STINGRAYS change level using a shuttle lift. Fewer shuttles are needed and initial costs are kept low.

Green Logistics in practice

The STINGRAY is realised with intelligent lightweight design, which reduces the moving loads significantly. Even with high acceleration and pace values ideal energy efficiency is achieved and the use of energy can be diminished considerably.

Maintenance friendly components

Maintenance friendly components are a huge topic at TGW. As with the STINGRAY: Quick fasteners provide opening of the covers in seconds. Thus, maintenance activities concerning the whole shuttle are facilitated. Within the shelves, maintenance platforms are installed with a distance of 2.5 meters each, which ease the access and the ideal reachability of every single shuttle.

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