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Precise and fast turning of pallets, high performance

Turntables are used for changing directions or turning goods on the conveyor. The modular construction allows an optimum adjustment to varying applications. Roller or chain conveyors with or without a shift unit act as load carriers. Turntables allow 2, 3, or 4 stopping points for maximum versatility. They achieve speeds up to 0.45 m/s (88 fpm) and the 90-degree turning time is 4.5 seconds. No additional fencing is required due to the integrated housing.


  • Precise and fast turning of pallets, high performance
  • Versatility for any applications
  • Flexible system design
  • Quick turning, accurate positioning, no pneumatics
  • Safe transport without gaps
  • Reduces turning time
  • Maintenance friendly design
  • No crushing or shearing point hazards - no additional protection required
  • High performance conveyor for changing direction or turning the pallets
  • Multiple stopping points
  • Choice of roller or chain conveying surface
  • Turntable is chain-driven
  • Shift unit for pallets and mesh box pallets
  • Variable speeds
  • Optimised chain tension through integrated handwheel
  • Modular implementation of EN 619 safety standard
speed min 0.20 m/s (40 fpm)
  max. 0.45 m/s (88 fpm)
track width chain conveyor
lengthways725 mm (28.5”)
crossways950 mm (37.4”)
nominal width roller conveyor85, 1050, 1250 mm (33.5”, 41.3”, 49.2”)
roller pitch175/200 mm (6.9”/7.9”)
roller diameter89 mm (3.5”)
90°/180° turning time4.5 s / 8.0 s
weightmax. 1500 kg (3306 lbs)
lowest temperature-30°C (-22°F)
Information: Turntable Sell Sheet
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