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Frame Lift

Quiet and accurate lifting to multiple levels

The frame lift is a cost-effective vertical lift ideal for transporting pallets between multiple elevations. Either roller or chain conveyors may be used as load handling devices. The lifting cage is moved up and down by two parallel lift chains. The lifting cage glides smoothly on the lift rails in maintenance-free guide shoes. The gripping device is a safety device to prevent the lifting cage from falling in the event of a chain tear or a gear breakage. The free-standing, self-supporting construction of the vertical lift makes maintenance easy.


  • Quiet and accurate lifting to multiple levels
  • Versatility to meet all application requirements
  • Reduced costs
  • Low additional expenses for operator protection due to side panelling
  • Ease of maintenance
  • System design flexibility
  • Dual chain lifting for up- and downward mowement
  • Multiple load elevations
  • Free-standing, self-supporting construction
  • Integral side paneling
  • Floor-mounted drive motor
  • Choice of chain or roller load handling devices
  • Optional automatic chain lubrication
lifting speedmax. 1.0 m/s (197 fpm)
acceleration0,50 m/s2 (1.64 ft/s²)
lengthways transport1600 x 1600 mm (63” x 63”)
crossways transport1600 x 1900 mm (63” x 75”)
drive powermax. 15 kW (20 hp)
pallet weightup to 1000 kg (1” chain) (2200 lbs)
 up to 1500 kg (1.5” chain) (3300 lbs)
lower approach distancemin. 450 mm (17.7”)
lowest temperature-30 °C (-22°F)
Information: Frame Lift Sell Sheet
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