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Concept and Simulation

Concept Development, Evaluation and Simulation

Concept and Simulation


    On the basis of the defined objectives and the analysis of the current situation we will then develop alternative solutions for your future logistics system. With our recommendation we will strive to reduce order-fulfillment time, space requirements, order-selection time, travel time, inventory, and order errors; while increasing efficiency and profitability of your operation.


    You will obtain concept variants, rough layouts of storage and material flow areas, comprehensive calculation of profitability and a recommendation on a solution. After selecting a solution we enter the detailed planning phase.

    This includes:

    • a detailed layout for implementation
    • all dimension data and required spatial conditions
    • a budget price for turnkey equipment
    • a precise description of material flows and processes
    • the definition and specification of IT functions
    • an interface specification between our software and your ERP system


    Especially with larger and complex logistics systems, the performance is tested by means of a computer simulation in advance, which helps us to identify possible bottle-necks with future structural modifications and take them into consideration in the installation design.


    As a results you will receive a design report and a binding offer or tender.

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