TGW Robotics is a reliable and efficient partner for a wide range of automation tasks that make the work flows in your company not only smoother and easier, but also more cost-effective. With our qualified staff we plan, develop, design, build and assemble customer-specific solutions in the areas of packing machines, transport systems, robotic cells, gripper systems, tailor-made special designs and retrofits. Creating individual, customised solutions for our customers is standard practice for us.

The very first meeting with the customer and the assessment of the available space on site are the perfect starting point for achieving mutually satisfactory results later on. Our team of committed specialists realise a system customized to your requirements.
Whole-hearted focus on the customer’s needs is our practised company philosophy. Only this way can we achieve our common goal: An installation that supports you ideally with your working processes.

Range of services

  • Planning, development and construction, including the creation of drawings and parts lists
  • Hardware engineering and control cabinet construction
  • Software development
  • Manufacture and installation
  • Commissioning including training of operating personnel
  • Documentation in the respective national language
  • CE Declaration of Conformity
  • Refurbishment and retrofitting
  • Regular UVV accident prevention inspections
  • (Remote) maintenance and overhaul
  • Maintenance and overhaul
  • On-call service, hotline and remote maintenance
  • Reliable spare parts supply

Your benefits

  • Quick and efficient project handling
  • Design of your machine to suit the on-site infrastructure, the production and all other requirements, such as room temperatures, dust pollution, etc.
  • Rapid installation and commissioning to minimise detrimental effects on the running production
  • High degree of efficiency of your machine
  • Fair price/performance ratio


The manufacture of special machinery is our métier. Our services start where the expertise and resources of the manufacturers of standard machinery end. The majority of our product range is made on our own premises, and most of the components that go into the machinery and systems are produced in-house. With the combination of our own productions and a reliable network of suppliers, we emphasise our quality standards, which we keep in mind throughout the entire project process.


Through our cross-sector project business we have over the years acquired extensive insight into the most diverse challenges and ways of looking at a problem. Our foremost concern is always to find a solution that fulfils your particular needs.


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