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On Site Manager

On-site management of the installation, commissioning and ramp-up phases of the respective project while complying with specifications regarding deadlines, budget and quality


  • On-site management of the respective project from the installation start until the customer accepts the installation or until all open issues are handled or until an agreed deadline
  • Management of construction site team, holding of regular construction meetings (TGW, suppliers, third parties), documentation and claiming of all actions and agreements, participation in the construction meetings with customers or their builders, coordination with the builders
  • Proactive reporting to the project manager, being the on-site "eyes and ears" of the project manager, participation in meetings of the core team, if necessary
  • Contact person for customers, suppliers, third parties and TGW employees on site, preferably direct handling of issues and forwarding them to the responsible person if the issues cannot be resolved on site
  • Continuous monitoring of the construction progress with regard to compliance with the schedule, the budget and the quality requirements
  • Basic knowledge of the owed performance agreed with the customer and the documents corresponding to said performance (contract, functional specification etc.)
  • Checking if the safety regulations are complied with and if the safety documents are available; ensuring that all employees directly or indirectly (suppliers) assigned by TGW are briefed on health and safety and that this is documented by signature; warning of employees who do not comply with the safety regulations
  • Checking if the entire safety equipment has been mounted and is operational
  • Monitoring and continuous updating of the installation schedule, constant following of the critical path and the penalized deadlines, taking into consideration the supplier deadlines and dependencies
  • Compliance with the realization process according to the Process Instruction Realization (document of the holding company) and all other TGW company regulations and guidelines
  • Coordination of the storage and installation areas with our own equipment and the suppliers, customers as well as the builders
  • Organization of the required construction site setup on site (in coordination with the project manager)
  • Traceable and seamless documentation of issues which could lead to claims and submitting the documentation to the project manager
  • Coordination of third party suppliers, active progress monitoring (do not just suppose but check), monitoring of the technical implementation (conformity with the contract, requirements specification etc.), coordinating points of contact between TGW or third parties, running tests and acceptance tests (safety, function, integrity, availability, performance) together with or in coordination with the project manager
  • Clarification and demanding of customer's obligations, installation and commissioning requirements, collecting evidence for claims in case of delays, escalation to project manager
  • Coordination and monitoring of installation tests according to the test plans created by the project manager (performance and availability)
  • General understanding of installation processes for the malfunction analysis and performance optimization
  • Recording of pending issues, prioritization of issues, assignment of issues to responsible persons, implementation monitoring
  • Coordination of trainings, checking if the training confirmation is available
  • Monitoring of the ramp-up plan and coordination with the customer as well as internal coordination of the achieved performance and of the occurred malfunctions together with or in coordination with the project manager
  • Participation in the identification of errors, documentation of malfunction situations
  • Attendance of authority appointments (site inspections)
  • Distribution of information within the project, promoting information exchange between the involved parties on site
  • Creation of an on-site feedback culture, open discussion of problems, strong team spirit
  • On-site escalation level in the project; if necessary, further escalation to the project manager
  • Observance of the efficient use of resources within your own area and for the overall project (e.g. business trips)
  • Identification and increase of cost saving potential;
  • Cooperation in the continued maintenance and improvement of the TGW realization process and the documents required for this
  • Training of newly assigned employees
  • Contribution to a culture of mutual learning
  • Implementation of TGW's core values in the daily work


  • Entrepreneurial thinking and action, cost-consciousness
  • Reliability, stamina and implementation strength
  • Experience with construction sites in an international environment, project management know-how
  • Technical understanding in the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and/or IT
  • Understanding of material handling processes and operations
  • Experience in leading project teams
  • Knowledge of common user programs
  • Good communication skills and command of written and spoken English

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  • Salary commensurate with experience
  • Travel allowance
  • Benefits to be defined based on role and experience
  • Hourly flexibility
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