My Austrian adventure


My Austrian adventure

by Marc Canals Giraut - Senior Software Engineer


We arrived in Wels just before Christmas, so we could use the vacations to organise our new flat together and see the Austrian tradition during those special days. We moved all our belongings from Barcelona to Austria and we had to reorganise everything! It was not an easy task especially with a one year old baby in the middle of the picture! So we decided to take it slowly.



We spent very special days during Christmas, seeing the snow (we needed a miracle to see it in Barcelona) and visiting the surrounding cities like Linz, Gmunden and Steyr.

The language has been a big issue in the beginning to understand faster legal and social topics when we needed to tackle some bureaucratic challenges. Of course, not every question could be answered right away by the company, but finally, with the help of the legal department of TGW, we could figure out how everything works.



I visited Wels many times during the four years I’ve been working for TGW, so the city, the offices and the colleagues weren’t new for me. But now I’m starting to understand the Austrian habits, traditions and even the sense of humor living and working day-by-day with the TGW Commander team.

My goal in the end is to use this experience to get much more involved in the Commander product, trying to offer all my knowledge and skills to improve the team and the quality of our product. Furthermore, my family and I would like to go back to Barcelona and be proud to have learned a new culture and language.