..."the other side of the coin"


… “the other side of the coin”: enabling our colleagues experiences abroad

by Irene Waltersdorfer, Legal Counsel

I’ve been working at TGW for more than six years now and the international approach is what appealed to me from the beginning. (In fact, it has been the trigger that I finally applied for the job.) After four years as TGW’s Legal Counsel for mainly contractual law, I expanded my field of work to labour law and the delegation management.

As a law student I spent some time working and studying in foreign countries myself and therefore I am familiar with various issues that need to be clarified before  jumping on the plane and opening the new chapter abroad. However, I must confess that in the beginning, I was surprised by how many issues one needs to think of in preparation of a job-related stay abroad. Nonetheless, one grows with a challenge, and I wholeheartedly took this challenge in which I’m excellently supported by our local HR managers and payroll clerks.
Just as we experienced an increase in delegation cases over the last two years, the delegation process was considerably improved as well, since every delegation adds new insights in and uncovers specific requirements for the expat management process.
With every single delegation we are striving to provide guidance along a smooth and well-coordinated process, making sure that the employee facing the task of working abroad has a good start at the hosting TGW entity. Clarification of country specific visa and working permit issues can thereby be a quite complex and challenging mission. Local social and medical insurance protection need to be ensured as well as monetary tax-related disadvantages need to be avoided. It goes without saying that most information is only available in the respective national language – which is, to be sure, a perfect exercise for my language skills.

One might ask now: “… and what is the fun part of the task besides a lot of investigation and coordination work?”. Well, at first, the delegation management became a welcome alternation to the various contracts I’m working on each day. When I went more into the details of expatriation management at TGW Group, I got to know the company, my TGW colleagues and our core values even better. Delegation management at TGW is not just about assigning an employee to another company – it’s more about providing support, making people comfortable in their decision and enabling them to continue doing their best for the group in their new responsibility. Furthermore, talking about people and interaction with different personalities of manifold cultural backgrounds – it’s also about living our common TGW core values each day in each task.

Honestly speaking, I truly enjoy the opportunity to participate in TGWs various international topics and projects every day. So - YES, it’s fun!