TGW Insights: Göteborg, Sweden

21. December 2015


It’s been some years now since I have left Sweden after my expatriation of more than one year in Gothenburg It was a really new and exciting experience for me.

CHANCES & challengeS

I didn’t want to miss that experience in my life. In the end, the feeling that I would always ask myself why I didn’t use that big opportunity and the curiosity to explore something new was stronger than all my doubts, so I decided to accept the challenge. It turned out that all my doubts were unjustified. Participating at Swedish language courses was quite useful to get to know new people in the same situation. There was also an expat group in Gothenburg where I found lots of friends with whom I hung out in my spare time. So, believe me, it was never boring.

TGW Insights: Christoph H. talks about difficulties and opportunities in Sweden.

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Gothenburg is a really nice city, which is very close to the sea. There are many restaurants and bars, the amusement park Liseberg and the big park Slottskogen with a zoo. It’s possible to reach the sea with public means of transport in approx. 30 minutes. From there on you can go to the different islands of the famous archipelago of Gothenburg by boats, which are part of the public transport as well.

TGW Insights: Christoph talks about his experiences in Gothenburg, Sweden.
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What IS
    The TGW unit itself was quite new when I arrived there. We were only three guys, and many things had to be organized for the start-up, as the office was almost empty at that time.

    For our first project, we had to make many different variants in order to meet the expectations and the budget of the customer. It happened quite often that we were standing in front of the whiteboard, discussing about different possibilities, drawing up our ideas and checking how we could get forward to the best solution.

    Due to our good preparation we were able to convince a customer that our solution was the best option. They were even wondering why our solution seemed to be rather straightforward. In the end we were able to win that order for our entity TGW Scandinavia.

    After some months the unit started to grow and TGW Scandinavia opened an office in Denmark. During my time in Sweden we were able to win four interesting projects in three different countries.

Christoph Haslehner, Solutions Designer
TGW Logistics Group GmbH
"It was always exciting
and also funny
to work in Sweden.
Little jokes were part
of the daily work
as well as good
business discussions."

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