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On-Site Manager International

The On-Site Manager manages the construction sites where TGW Italia operates as the main or as the general contractor, contributing to the successful execution of projects at customer sites by creating a problem-free zone environment within the sites.


  • On-site management of the assembly, commissioning and ramp-up of the respective project within time, budget and quality requirements;
  • Achievement of customer satisfaction standards;
  • Incident-free management of assembly activities:
  • In according with deadlines, shown constant quality and cost specifications;
  • Evaluation carried out in accordance with the guidelines of the project manager and function manager; 
  • Increase feedback culture also with subcontractors;
  • On-site management of the respective project, from the start of the project to the acceptance of the installation by the customer, or alternatively, to the management of all open points (including the case of any deadlines);
  • Proactive reporting to the Project Manager, acting and actively participating in on-site core team meetings;
  • Performing continuous monitoring and updating of the installation schedule, as well as constant monitoring of the critical path and deadlines subject to penalties;
  • Active participation in periodical progress meetings (with TGW, suppliers and third parties);
  • Participation in construction meetings with customers or their builders;
  • Coordination of suppliers;
  • Acceptance of installation or management of any open points;
  • Acting as contact person for customers, third parties and TGW employees on site, preferably through direct problem management, or assignment to the responsible person;
  • Basic knowledge of the performance agreed with the customer and the documents corresponding to this performance (contract, functional specification, etc.);
  • Verification of compliance with regulations and the availability of safety documents, ensuring that all employees directly or indirectly (including suppliers) appointed by TGW are informed of the health and safety procedures, as well as the signed documentation; 
  • Managing and recalling employees who do not comply with current H&S regulations;
  • Verification that all safety equipment has been installed prior to commencement of work and commissioning;
  • Adherence to the project realisation process according to the Process Instruction Realization in accordance with TGW regulations and company governance;
  • Coordination of storage areas and management of installation prerequisites (collection of requirements received from suppliers and subsequent alignment with the customer);
  • Organisation of the material required for the set-up on site (in coordination with the Project Manager);
  • Constant tracking of problems that could lead to complaints, as well as the submission of the necessary documentation to the Project Manager; 
  • Coordination of third-party suppliers, active monitoring of progress (not limited to assumptions but subject to verification), as well as monitoring of technical implementation (checking contract compliance, specific requirements, etc.), management of interfaces between TGW or third parties, execution of acceptance testing (security, functionality, integrity, availability and performance) in coordination with the Project Manager;
  • Management of customer obligations, installation and commissioning requirements, collection of evidence for complaints in case of delays, escalation to the Project Manager;
  • Coordination for the plant ramp-up phase;
  • General understanding and management of plant processes for malfunction analysis and performance optimisation (coordination between the various suppliers involved);
  • Tracking of open points and prioritising, with subsequent designation of responsible persons. Monitoring of the execution and management of the Open Point list;
  • Coordination of customer training;
  • Participation in visits by inspection authorities;
  • Distribution of information within the project, facilitating the exchange of information between the parties involved on site;
  • Identification and increase of cost saving potential; 
  • Cooperation in the constant maintenance and improvement about the TGW implementation process and the documents required for this specific purpose;
  • Training of new employees;
  • Continuous feedback on potential room for improvement in the economic and organisational area.


  • The resource has a technical diploma in mechanics, electronics and automation
  • Previous experience gained as a project supervisor, or in a construction industry with an international footprint;
  • Strong technical understanding in the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and/or IT;
  • Has developed commercial and contractual awareness, as well as an entrepreneurial attitude with relative cost sensitivity;
  • Has a familiarity with IT main tools (Office 365 package and Microsoft Project);
  • Basic knowledge of AutoCAD and Autodesk package;
  • Ability to read and interpret projects, drawings and specifications related to the job order;
  • Ability to lead the team to achieve objectives;
  • Relational skills to cooperate with resources inside and outside the Group;
  • Strong organisational and goal-setting skills, through planning and setting deadlines;
  • Ability to work in contexts that may present high stress peaks, as well as conflict resolution skills.
  • Excellent knowledge of both spoken and written English;
  • Self-employed and B driving license.

We offer

  • The opportunity to operate in a dynamic and constantly growing environment;
  • Wide room for creativity in proposing innovative solutions;
  • Being part of an international team that will be able to support and guide the candidate  throughout the career path;
  • The candidate will be part of a team that promotes a "feedback culture", which ensures open discussion of problems and strengthens the team spirit;
  • Ongoing training tailored to the role;
  • Meal vouchers;
  • Company car with mixed use.
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