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Early Life Service Consultant

We are now recruiting for an Early Life Service Consultant to join our newly formed Early Life Services team.

The Early Life Service consultant will support the customer as the project transitions from the realisation phase through both go live and ramp-up to help ensure a successful go-live & ramp up.

They will be the key customer contact for technical support queries regarding the overall TGW automated logistics solution and the Warehouse Control System (WCS).  Joining a project in the early stages, they will deliver the following tasks:

Create a team structure detailing roles & responsibilities for roles that will be key during the ramp-up & go-live phases of the operation

By integrating within the WCS testing team, become a subject matter expert. With this experience and system understanding, guide the customer to get the best out of the solution.

WCS release validation

Investigation and analysis of data and flows to identify potential areas for improvement during the ramp-up period

Engage with key stakeholders to create an operational training plan & oversee the rollout of training Management of open points from turnover/takeover

  • Create SOP’s & key operational documentation
  • Support the customer during the Sea Trial phases (Onsite BIT)
  • Stock migration and Ramp up profiling
  • Problem-solving and root cause analysis
  • Continuous improvement of the operation


  • Continuous monitoring of the automated solution, ensuring that real-time feedback and operational is delivering required system performance
  • To provide professional first-line software support for WCS systems. This includes the capture of information for use for further investigation.
  • To monitor trends and action plans to prevent issue escalation. Both with the WCS system and system hardware and infrastructure
  • To provide effective communication to senior management and support colleagues.
  • To follow through and own issues raised by yourself, if not resolved
  • To escalate problems to the next support level where required and continue to manage the problem until resolved
  • Support hotline through the transition period
  • To drive continuous improvement and work on ongoing technical issues to reduce the volume of calls.
  • To validate site-specific documentation exists and is accepted by the customer.
  • To review and identify common issues raised from reports that need remedial action, either through WCS teams or additional site training. I.e. continuous improvement
  • To undertake testing of WCS releases and/or change requests in support of the WCS team when required.
  • Facilitate close out of any snags from turnover
  • Ensure that a high level of training has been provided before exiting the project
  • Complete final audit of the site with feedback to all areas of TGW NE


  • Broad knowledge and experience of TGW solutions
  • Knowledge of WCS systems, information extraction and analysis
  • Materials handling/automation experience
  • Operational flow control experience
  • Broad knowledge and experience of TGW solutions
  • Knowledge of WCS systems, information extraction and analysis
  • Track record of delivering operational support for technical projects
  • Has experience in commissioning and go-live
  • Ability to manage customer expectations & relationship
  • Ability to work in a multilingual team
  • Change Orientation & Readiness for Continuous improvement
  • Works well under pressure
  • Willing to travel internationally on a regular basis
  • Willing to work weekends and unsociable hours
  • .Experience in writing technical documents
  • Understanding of the software development lifecycle
  • Experience with C# development or other object-oriented programming languages preferred
  • Experience with SQL Databases (Oracle, MySQL) is desireable
Rida Saleem
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