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3. Tasks and Responsibilities

Pre-installation phase (before on-site mobilization)

 Attend Sales-Realization Handover meetings.

 Prepare the move plan/On site instruction for the site.

 Obtain a full understanding of the contract in relation with the site installation activity.

 Obtain a full understanding of the build sequencing and installation time plan.

 Obtain a full understanding of the equipment that will be installed (from TGW and 3rd parties).

 Obtain a full understanding of the customer needs, their installation standards and their requirements.

 Support/advice the technical and purchasing departments.

 Manage and set-up the TGW facilities that will be required on site; e.g. mobile home, WC, power supply, internet connection, etc.

Installation phase

 Coordination of the TGW on-site works; e.g. Electromechanical, Software, Commissioning and follow-up.

 Coordination of/with the TGW subcontractors, partners and other companies involved in to the on-site works; e.g., Racks, mezzanines, hanging garment system, etc.

 Coordination of the TGW 3rd party machines; e.g. Labelers, scales, closing machines, etc.

 Attend to the daily/weekly follow-up meetings with customer/main contractor and other industrials involved.

 Lead daily/weekly coordination meetings with TGW, subcontractors and suppliers.

 Coordination of the TGW on site needs coming from customer/civil works; e.g. Power supply, compressed air, illumination, etc.

 Manage the day-to-day installation activities against the detailed project plan and milestones.

 Weekly reporting of the on-site works progress to the Project Manager.

 Direct contact at mechanical installation level with the Mechanics Project Manager in Austria.

 Costing and extra-costing control from site; e.g. Improvements/Change requests, subcontractors, machinery, etc.

 Coordination and interlocution with customer regarding production/users, maintenance and engineering.

 Coordination and checking of the test plan. 

 Responsible for TGW office on-site, material and proper storage/location, order and cleaning to maintain TGW corporate image.

 Administrative tasks like access passes for personnel, visits and control of delivery notes and invoices, etc.

 Act as a preventive resource to ensure that all TGW’s staff and subcontractors are carrying out their work according to Health and Safety standards.

 Responsible for the environmental tasks such as waste management.


4. Requirements Profile

 Industrial Engineering, specialist in industrial organization, electronics, mechanics

 Demonstrated experience in the installation / assembly of complex electromechanical systems

 Technical skills Electrical / industrial automation systems)

 Knowledge in adjusting assembly and installation of pneumatic systems

 Knowledge will be valued in intralogistics handling systems

 Management MS Office package

 Basic knowledge of AutoCAD

 Availability to travel. Flexibility and willingness to travel abroad

 Good communication skills in English & French. 

 Proactivity, teamwork and diversity skills

 Confidentiality

 Driving license.

We offer

1. Principal Duty

The onsite Manager is responsible for all TGW related on site activities from mobilization to the closing of the project. This involves also managing the activity of TGW’s subcontractors as well as its employees. The OSM ensures that Health & Safety standards are met for both TGW staff and contractors.

2. Contribution to Corporate Success

The TGW On Site Manager will also work closely with the Project Manager to guarantee that installation programs are properly planned and integrated across all site activity and that project-planning milestones are met.

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