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Process and Software Consultant

We are now recruiting for a Process and Software Consultant who will be part of the TGW NE Sales and Systems Design department and provide order winning solutions based on standard TGW solutions/systems/modules (as much as possible) that have been competitively & accurately priced with competitive project time schedules to the satisfaction of the client and TGW.

You will work out solutions that are tailored to the customer's requirements, technically feasible, efficient, and accepted by the customer so accurate prediction of the implementation time and effort and optimisation of lead times and effort during realisation process as well as optimisation of the handover of order to realisation department towards an economically successful project.


  •  Collection, understanding and challenging of relevant customer processes and requirements (tender, workshop ...)
  •  Development of creative/innovative solution approaches and iterative solution finding based on the customers' requirements
  • Creation of the "gap analysis"
  •  Preliminary decision for own or third-party SW products
  •   Creation of IT cost calculation (for own products)
  •   Enquiry and check of quotations (for third-party products)
  •   Creation of proposal documents and/or presentations (relevant for IT)
  •  Proposal and software presentation or argumentation with the customer
  •   Permanent product documentation
  •   Handover of order to realisation department
  •   Collection of project requirements regarding logistics processes and communication to the SW development team. ("Where does the market go")
  •   Creation of IT proposal templates and product descriptions
  •   Design of IT calculation methods and tools
  • Manage customer relationship (IT matters)
  •  Scope of supply and responsibility of offered TGW IT solution are clearly defined
  • IT presentation within proposal presentation
  •   Clear cost definition of IT solution
  •   Feasibility and risk check
  •   Clearly defined integration of external WMS partners
  •   Development of hotline and service concept for projects with software partners including Life Time Service
  •   Transfer of project requirements to IT development team
  •  IT-relevant operator analysis (carried out by Realisation)
  •   Documented handover of projects to realisation department


To be successful in your application, you may have a background in IT project management, Materials handling or experience as a Solutions Designer. 

You will have a market know-how for software products, and experience with logistics, material flow, and data knowledge. 

As a person you will be a proficient communicator, have an excellent attention to detail time management skills. You will also be a team player.

You will hold a technical qualification in your field of expertise and ideally will possess some knowledge of TGW products. 


Rebecca Davis
TGW LOGISTICS GROUP GMBH Ludwig Szinicz Straße 3 A-4614 Marchtrenk, Austria +43 (0)50 486