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Everything you order or buy has taken a sophisticated journey through a distribution center. Did you know that the development of these distribution centers requires a great deal of expertise? These experienced professionals work at TGW. They ensure that you find all the items on your list at the supermarket, can order your size fashion via online shopping, and receive your car built the way you specified. But what is it that makes logistics fascinating?
TGWOW - Welcome to our World

Throughout the global TGW family - with entities in Europe, America and Asia - we hire the people who make a difference. We are always looking for professionals who seek career development, think outside the box, and who understand today’s international supply chains. A willingness to explore different cultures, other languages and new technologies is essential for our business.

If you are searching for a job with excellent career opportunities and the chance for further development within a global family, then TGW is the right place for you!




International life at TGW

Make the world your home. With locations throughout Europe, North and South America and Asia - as well as installation sites all over the globe - we encounter internationality on a daily basis. When working at TGW, you will regularly be in contact with various countries and routinely hear a number of languages. You will also discover our many career opportunities, including an expatriation program for working overseas.

At TGW, your work surroundings will be a progressive and innovative community within a fast growing market.

You will find company restaurants or kitchens, gyms and gym classes, running or biking clubs, and even fresh fruit - we want you to be healthy and support you with different benefits and amenities.

You will find apprenticeship and graduate programs designed to develop the next generation of logistics experts, as well as the TGW Academy to foster talents and help our team members develop their personal ambitions. You will be part of one big, multi-cultural, multilingual family that supports your development - because at TGW we focus on people.

TGW across the world

People in Focus

In the TGW Blog "People in Focus" our employees share their experiences with TGW. We invite you to take a journey through TGW’s locations and cultures worldwide, as our team describes the opportunities they’ve had.

Professional Development

We know you already have profound knowledge within your field of expertise. At TGW, we believe there’s always an opportunity to further your development and enhance your qualifications. Via TGW Academy we provide training to help you further develop your skills and achieve your personal ambitions. We want you to enjoy your work, to secure long-term employment by helping you broaden your horizons, and stay up-to-date with industry developments while you are with the company.


When you start at TGW, you will benefit from an extensive training program to learn our products and processes as you dive into the far-reaching logistics world. With individual educational training and specialized programs from TGW, you will gain the knowledge you need to take on the exciting challenges that logistics has to offer.

Living Values

TGW has accomplished a great deal, and that’s something that makes us proud. Today, TGW Group is a global leader with subsidiaries in Europe, North and South America and Asia. We offer our customers a unique service portfolio in automated intralogistics solutions. As a strong team, we all contribute to this success.

Actions speak louder than words—our actions mirror our daily behavior and are driven by our corporate values. They are the basis of our teamwork, our approach to customers and partners, and our shared success as a company.



We are driven by results and focused on the sustainable success of our customers’ projects, both technically and economically. We constantly think in an entrepreneurial way and act efficiently, asking “what is best for TGW and our customers?” We permanently strive to optimize the quality of our processes, solutions, systems and products, as well as the quality of our customer relationships.



We encourage new ideas and are ready to take new paths. We like to accept new challenges and to openly share our knowledge within the TGW Group. We always give our best. Because excellent solutions come from analytical and creative thinking, each of us can make an impact with good ideas and by improving the quality of our offers and processes. Highest quality is a key attribute of TGW. 



We welcome new ideas and communicate in an open and clear way, both internally and externally. We always stick to our word and give constructive advice when needed. We show respect to our customers, partners and colleagues in the same way we wish to receive it. We live and work internationally and multi-culturally, and actively support the integration and further development of new colleagues.


Each employee takes responsibility for his or her area. We think beyond personal gain and are committed to our common goal—the success of the TGW Group. Reliability is of utmost importance at TGW, in our installations as well as in dealing with daily tasks. This is how we earn our partners’ trust and achieve successful results. As a responsible company, we share our success and support charitable projects.