School of Life - High Performance Sport

“Athletic Dreams”, “Learning Centre” and “Future Excellence” projects are the training ground for young athletes flying high. At the same time, their success at school is supported too.
Competitive sports play a key part in the development of young people's personalities. Qualities such as sense of purpose, time management and concentration are exercised at an early stage and provide a valuable basis for the future.

Sports like gymnastics or track and field athletics require high intensity training from a young age. Children and adolescents should practice between 15 and 25 hours per week for best performance, but training can subside when the demands of regular schoolwork take priority.

The Athletic Dreams, Learning Centre  and Future Excellence projects support young athletes in the fifth grade and above. From tenth grade, young people with the corresponding athletic and school performance can attend a grammar school, which specialises in competitive sports, to complete their A levels. The athletes will be supported and trained by experienced coaches and teachers until they graduate.