Sueniños in San Cristobal de Las Casas in the South of Mexiko helps children and teenagers from a very poor background in Mexico break the circle of poverty by means of comprehensive education. This project promotes the education and growth of children in a long-term and sustainable way.

Sueniños is based on a pilot project with a group of eleven children, initiated in 2005 by Christian Szinicz, son of TGW founder Ludwig Szinicz, and his wife Alma. The Future Wings Private Foundation's support enabled the programme to develop into an effective social project over the last twelve years. A committed team of 30 employees and volunteers from all over the world takes care of more than 600 children and Youngsters.

The educational work of SUENIÑOS is aimed at supporting children and teenagers until they graduate from school or finish their professional education and promoting their personal growth.

The SUENIÑOS team works with children and adolescents in the following areas:

  • School education and studying - support from the primary school up to the A-Levels
  • Professional education - carpentry workshop, restaurant service and kitchen
  • Personal growth - social skills, self-reliance and Independence
  • Creativity, leisure time and sports - expression, development and participation

Additionally, workshops for mothers are provided so that they are able to promote the development and education of their own children.

Thanks to the commitment and the positive effects of the SUENIÑOS project, there are more children that graduate from school today, more adolescents with a professional education and a stable job and less violence and discrimination among teenagers.

Support SUENIÑOS with a collective sponsorship!

By donating at least 30 Euros per month you will give children and teenagers the chance to participate in all pedagogic activities of the programme and provide them with daily meals, school materials and transport.