Das E-Food Buch widmet sich dem Lebensmittel-Onlinehandel.

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The E-Food Book: A text about the most challenging application of e-commerce by Dr Matthias Schu. The focus is on markets, players and strategies.

The E-Food Book

Available since the beginning of October, Dr. Matthias Schu's publication is a deep dive into the most challenging application in e-commerce, online grocery retail. Complex processes, cold chains, legal requirements, short shelf life and low margins make eGrocery a challenge. These exact subjects are discussed in the business book.

The author offers many easy-to-understand, real-world examples to enrich the content. These show impressively which stumbling blocks are typically in the way and which shortcuts and investments are worthwhile for retailers. The book is ideal for everyone who is already involved in selling groceries on the Internet or is looking to enter this market, which is showing above-average growth worldwide.

The book, published in German under the title Das E-Food Buch, is available here and from other retailers: dfv Mediengruppe Fachbuch


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Eine Lektüre über die Königsdisziplin des E-Commerce.
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