3PL (Third-party Logistics) Solutions

As a 3PL organisation, you are looking to gain competitive advantage without compromising project profitability or quality of service. Seamless customer service is your primary goal and you provide integrated operations, transportation and value-added services. Are you now looking for ways to optimise your logistics costs and the quality of your operations for your customers through automation technology?

For changing customer requirements and short contract durations, you need flexible and highly adaptable solutions. Our solutions are especially designed to the needs of 3PLs. We support you in answering the requirements of service delivery, multi-channel, e-commerce and retail fulfilment.

TGW solutions are tailored to the needs of 3PL organisations providing service for industries including:

  • apparel, accessories and footwear
  • grocery, food and food service
  • general merchandise
  • consumer electronics
  • spare parts and components
  • health & beauty
  • industrial supplies
  • office supplies
  • toys and games

Challenges for 3PLs

  • Scalable and flexible solutions to help 3PL providers support large or growing companies
  • Automation level tailored to budgets
  • Short ROI of approximately two to three years
  • Same-day/next-day delivery
  • Fulfilment solutions cover features like receiving, order processing, branded packing slip, family-friendly dunnage, gift wrapping, production assembly, etc.
  • Easy set-up and operation

Your benefits

  • Optimised warehouse processes
  • Improved performance and order accuracy
  • Full visibility of warehouse operations
  • Improved space utilisation
  • Multiple picking strategies (client/product specific)
  • Customer-specific labelling and despatch documentation
  • Accurate, on-time deliveries
  • Reduced labour costs, minimised shipping costs
  • Increased order fulfilment capacity for order shipping up to 150,000 orders per day
  • Pick, pack and shipping processes
  • International shipping
  • Ability to handle emergency and rush orders
  • Integration with multiple parcel carriers