Fashion distributor
Distribution centre

The client

  • Fashion distributor, USA-Tennessee
  • Apparel – Retail distribution fulfillment for Old Navy Brand

The project

  • Distribution centre with shuttle and miniload warehouses
  • Distribution channels: Retail
  • Go-live: April 2013/July 2014

Delivered results

  • Elimination of 6 touches in receiving and putaway
  • High-speed residual picking buffer
    • Removing manual picking
    • Allowing all picks to occur at a higher rate using a unit sorter
  • Balanced unit sortation operation by automatically sending the needed carton quantities to the proper induction station
  • Cartons are delivered directly from the shuttle buffer to unit sortation
  • 3 x increase in productivity

Design Figures

Number of SKUs

  • 35,000 in total

Throughput - Order lines

  • 1,600 per hour in the shuttle warehouse


  • 2 shifts
  • 20 hours per day

Installed Systems

Warehouse type(s)

Carton warehouse (Miniload)

Shuttle warehouse

Number of aisles/blocks

12 aisles

2 aisles

Number of storage locations



S/RM type(s)

12 x Mustang


S/RM throughput

  • 100 cartons per hour and aisle
  • 800 cartons per hour and aisle


  • 100,000 square feet

Controls technology

  • Commander in both warehouses
  • 3rd party for Allen Bradley conveyor controls


  • TGW


  • Customer‘s team maintains equipment
  • TGW has a hotline contract

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