E-Commerce & Omni-Channel

As retailers look to reinvent their warehousing and distribution operations to match customers’ expectations in an omni-channel environment, demand is soaring for the technology, process and solution capabilities that win the delivery race.

In support of these retail challenges, TGW has developed the EOS (e-commerce and omni-channel solutions) suite that delivers on your order fulfillment promise.

Automated order fulfillment for e-commerce and omni-channel retail

Shopping online using mobile devices is now a common practice for consumers. The convenience of being able to buy anything from virtually anywhere at any time is a powerful incentive, and breaks with tradition in terms of product availability and location. 

This transformation of the shopping experience away from the brick-and-mortar store and toward e-commerce represents a major challenge for retailers and manufacturers alike. Consumers expect a seamless shopping experience; retailers must adapt to omni-channel demands without delay.

This shift in consumer buying behavior has changed the way products flow through the supply chain—from manufacturer through to wholesale and retail. The distribution of goods has evolved from a somewhat predictable and easily planned process—based on routine and historical patterns—to a more intimate, personalized service level and delivery model.

TGW’s EOS solutions deliver on your customer service promise by deploying cost-effective, resilient, sustainable and flexible automation and mechanization across four business models:

  • Omni-channel retailers selling in stores and online
  • Online exclusive retailers
  • Online marketplace retailers
  • Third-party logistics (3PL) service providers specializing in e-commerce

The TGW EOS suite supports three types of distribution center operations:

  • E-fulfillment centers, where merchandise is stocked, ordered, picked and returned at the individual unit level
  • Local logistics depots offering click-and-collect solutions for last-mile fulfillment in major cities and towns
  • Online grocery e-fulfillment centers operating temperature-controlled environments

Improved e-commerce and omni-channel fulfillment

Customer expectations are high; they expect to receive their goods on-time and in perfect condition. This expectation is met inside the distribution center where the appropriate systems and solutions have been deployed. Customers expect to be able to check the status of their orders from the time of ordering, throughout picking and packing, to the point of delivery. Every step of the fulfillment process must be handled efficiently, accurately, consistently and cost-effectively.

TGW’s solutions support a variety of retail models associated with e-commerce and omni-channel businesses:

  • Pick, pack and ship
  • Same-day/next-day direct-to-customers deliveries
  • Click-and-collect/ship-to-store for scheduled pick-up by the customer
  • Store delivery for research online/purchase offline (ROPO) shoppers
  • In-store order/in-store return scenario

Your benefits

  • Integrated solutions for e-commerce and omni-channel order fulfillment
  • Order consolidation solutions for packing and/or shipping operations
  • Scalable and modular solutions for all aspects of omni-channel and e-commerce retailing, including returns handling
  • Timed and flexible order fulfillment models for same-day/next-day delivery
  • Ability to handle variable order profiles, including single-line/single-item and multi-line/multi-item consolidated picking and packing
  • Real-time information technology (IT) solutions providing accurate inventory, zero-error picking and complete order visibility throughout the order process
  • Flexibility to handle peak activity demand profiles
  • Effective handling and processing of returns activities
  • Online orders and returns are managed smoothly alongside existing retail channels for a reliable, consistent customer experience
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) through optimized lifecycle and operating costs
  • Modular solution configurations that support future growth and/or changes in the operation
  • Innovative and proven technologies
  • Products and applications that optimize power usage