The client

  • Thomann GmbH, D- 96138 Burgebrach
  • World’s biggest music mail order business

The project

  • Logistics Centre
  • Distribution channels: B2C
  • Go-live: 2009

Delivered results

  • Order throughput reduced to 28 minutes
  • Increase in output of 40 to 50 %
  • Highly flexible system for sensitive musical items
  • Optimised picking process for various classes of goods of diverse sizes
  • Individual access to specific classes of goods (cables, etc.)
  • Extremely short access times for shop and online business

Design Figures

Number of SKUs

  • 65,000 in total

Throughput - Parcels shipped

  • 20,000 packages per day

Orders per day

  • 16,000


  • normal: 2 shifts from Monday to Friday and 1 shift on Saturdays
  • seasonal peaks: 3 shifts from Monday to Saturday

Installed Systems

Warehouse type(s)

AS/RS (Miniload)

Pallet warehouse

Manual picking warehouse

Number of aisles/blocks

4 aisles

5 aisles


Number of storage locations




S/RM type(s)

8 x Mustang (2 per aisle)



S/RM throughput

1,000 double cycles per hour



Number of workstations

  • A total of 1,650 flow channels with 8 picking sections (all with pick-from and put-to-light) for fast movers
  • 4 pick stations with pick-to-light for slow movers
  • 8 sections (dependent on product groups, dynamically allocatable) with up to 24 pickers with PDTs
  • 32 packing workstations with two sorter target lanes each for large orders


  • Natrix sorter and tote buffer with a capacity of about 150 totes support the synchronization of the orders


  • CI_LOG and CI_FLOW