Distribution center

The client

  • AhorraMás, E-28891 Velilla de San Antonio (Madrid)
  • Supermarkets

The project

  • Distribution center
  • Distribution channels: Supermarkets

Design Figures


Throughput - Order lines

  • 28,000 cartons per day
  • 680 roll containers per day

Time frames for delivery

  • 10 hours for chilled goods to 200 shops
  • Bundled time frame for shops that are difficult to access


  • 2 shifts

Delivered results

  • Delivery to supermarkets in roll-containers
  • Chilled and dry goods in one logistics center with different material flows and dispatch consolidation
  • Storage and transport of these sensitive goods in tempered areas
  • Granted freshness due to continuous cold chain
  • Swift picking procedures to send out the fresh goods
  • Easy and batch-wise picking with pick-to-light for 200 shops

Installed Systems

Warehouse type(s)

AS/RS for cartons and trays (Miniload)

Pallet warehouse

Number of aisles/blocks

6 aisles

3 aisles

Number of storage locations

41,450 - quadruple deep


SRM type(s)

6 x Mustang with Twister-V

3 x pallet lift for depalletisation

S/RM throughput

  • Storage: 1,800 trays per hour
  • Retrieval: 1,300 trays per hour
  • ~ 8 pallets per hour

Number of workstations

Chilled goods

  • 3 manual depalletising stations to supply the carton warehouse: 600 cartons per hour and station
  • 3 stations for manual loading of the roll containers

Cooled goods

  • 4 manual depalletising stations: 860 cartons per hour in total
  • 2 pallet lifts per picker
  • 18 workstations for manual loading of the roll containers with about 380 cartons per hour

Dry goods

  • 27 ergonomic SlotStax stations for palletising: 550 cartons per hour


  • Natrix sorter with a length of 95 m and 19 outlets reaching a capacity of 6,900 cartons per hour


  • iWACS® – Modules installed: .WM, .MFC, .STT print server

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