Spare Parts & Components

Hardly any other sector has more pressing demands than the field of spare parts logistics. Spare parts constitute the foundation for the production process in a variety of markets. In addition, the elimination of downtime takes high priority to avoid unnecessary costs.
A fast and reliable spare parts logistics service is required to ensure the quick and reliable up-keep and maintenance of systems.

Here, the great variety of spare parts poses the biggest challenge, since the availability of parts, short delivery times and process reliability have to be guaranteed.
This can be accomplished through accurate and timely delivery – either through preventative maintenance measures or in case of emergencies. A speedy and smooth spare parts supply can replace local storage for spare parts, thus eliminating decentralised warehousing costs.

Challenges in spare parts supply

  • Management of integrated services such as spare parts delivery, on-site and return-to-base repairs, returns, exchanges and recycling
  • Tight delivery time frames - often within 12 hours or overnight
  • Needs-based supply of spare parts at minimum cost
  • Delivery to service engineers/technicians or directly to the point of use
  • Avoidance of downtime costs - fast and reliable maintenance and repair of broken down production equipment are critical concerns
  • Fast return transport of valuable spare parts intended for repair

TGW – Solutions for spare parts supply

Spare parts can be broadly classified into two groups: repairables and consumables. If the situation calls for a fast and flexible exchange, professional order fulfilment needs to be guaranteed.
For logistics, two particularly important factors are the variable demand for spare parts and the complications of minimum-cost procurement and warehousing.

For a professional supply chain, key criteria are the high rate of parts availability, short lead times, stable processes and a high level of profitability. The great variety of parts (rising product complexity), variable demand and global expansion make the situation even more challenging.
TGW’s solutions for spare parts supply answer these needs. We support you in planning your distribution centre and link this with a cost benefit analysis.

Your benefits

  • Improved delivery service levels at best-practice standard with 24/7 availability for time-critical shipping orders
  • Lower inventories through assortment optimisation for throughput of small quantity orders
  • High product availability with reliable, secure processes including an emergency strategy
  • Management of inventory levels and reduction of inventory expenses through lower scrapping costs and minimised depreciation
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership achieved by improved efficiencies
  • Avoidance of order backlogs, real-time, accurate inventory, zero-error picking and greater order visibility
  • Fewer express shipments – Increased profitability thanks to enhanced planning and frequency coordination of technical service engineers
  • Re-packing into retail-specific packaging, empties shipping and assembly of kits for added value
  • Increased revenue in after sales thanks to improved service offering short lead times with latest possible pick-up
  • Modular system configurations incorporating future growth

Case Studies