TGW expands headquarters in Wels

TGW Logistics Group headquartered in Wels, expands its head office. The leading systems provider of intralogistics solutions recently purchased a 75,000 square metre area in the neighbouring community Marchtrenk. Until 2018, a new office building as well as a production hall shall be built.

In the course of the growth plan of the TGW Group, a suitable building site close to the headquarters in Wels was searched, in order to follow the strategy. "With the new site in Marchtrenk, we are very close to the existing office buildings. In the year 2018, 400 TGW employees will move into the new premises, in addition to about 200 employees from the production area," Georg Kirchmayr, President of the TGW Logistics Group, is happy.

The new building will be situated right beside the main road and will be used as functional representative building. According to the TGW philosophy, the new bulidings will be realised energy efficiently: Photovoltaics and solar energy will be used to produce as much energy as possible. "We build some kind of low-energy house for our business," explains Peter Knoll, Managing Director at TGW Mechanics in Wels. "A new showroom will enable us to show our technologies to our customers in an appropriate setting. Furthermore, the new site will be equipped with an employee restaurant - about 600 colleagues will work there on a daily basis, and customer events will be organised there."

TGW thinks about the future

During the next three years, a hall with 10,000 square metres will be built on the 75,000 square metre premises, in order to fulfil the increasing customer requirements. Half of the surface will be used for the new building, which is designed by an external planner. "This is the first step. We planned the project to be able to expand our office and production areas afterwards. In September, the first workshops for the new buildings are starting," says Georg Kirchmayr.

TGW further promotes the company's growth and searches for 300 new employees during the next year. Georg Kirchmayr: "With the new building in Marchtrenk, we establish more space for new colleagues and at the same time a nice working environment for our employees. This expansion is the next step in our strategy - an energy efficient site with committed employees to meet the needs of our customers."

Also the community of Marchtrenk is pleased with the business growth: “This year, we clearly focused on the enhancement of our infrastructure and the settlement of new business. With TGW as internationally successful company, a lot happened in this field and we are happy about this success. At the moment, it is the most intense building volume in the history of Marchtrenk and we are happy to establish new working places in our community,” says mayor Paul Mahr.


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