Join the challenge and spread the word: On Tuesday, 7 July 2020, the first TGW Robo Challenge will take place – a joint event by the TGW Logistics Group and the FH Oberösterreich (University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria). We are talking to you, interested pupils, University students studying Mechatronic Engineering or Informatics as well as amateur robot creators who are able to and want to face an exciting challenge.

You can register as soon as the new academic year starts, from 9 September 2019.

There will be two individual competitions with a total of three different ratings:

At the TGW Logistics Race, your task will be to pick up a box at a defined handover position and transport it across the finishing line. On the way, there will be various obstacles to overcome. The rules were designed so that the challenge can be mastered using a LEGO Mindstorms set. Additionally, there will be another competition, an "open category" for self-built robots.

At the TGW Logistics Hackathon, your robot has to move through a set course. There is no set route across the course, but at individual positions, the robot will receive the coordinates of the next waypoint. A Turtlebot 3 will be used as robot platform (provided by us the day of the competition). As soon as registration starts, however, you can download a simulation environment based on ROS, so that you can already test your robot software before the competition.

Did we spark your curiosity?

For first details about the competitions, please refer to these rules (PDF) | as of July 2019
If you have any other questions, please send us an e-mail.