15. January 2019

LogiMAT 2019: TGW World Premiere in Stuttgart

  • Trade show motto: Master the Unpredictable
  • Innovative OmniPick pocket sorter celebrating world premiere
  • OmniPick: A system based on latest developments from the fields of artificial intelligence and smart robotics

Innovative OmniPick pocket sorter - Master the unpredictable


Austrian intralogistics specialist TGW is celebrating a world premiere at LogiMAT 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany: the zero-touch pocket sorter system "OmniPick" will be presented for the first time. This innovative solution is based on research from the fields of artificial intelligence and smart robotics and was made to provide a solution to the challenges of a growing e-commerce sector. As promised by the trade show motto, "Master the Unpredictable", customers can quickly and flexibly adapt to changing business scenarios and altering order structures thanks to TGW’s new pocket sorter. The demo at LogiMAT offers attendees the opportunity to have a first-hand look at the system.

E-commerce has been growing rapidly across industries for a number of years now, yet there is no sign of weakening within these dynamic developments, which poses new challenges for retail companies, especially those active in the fashion sector. This holds true not so much for the high growth rates themselves, but relates to the uncertainty of how the mix between brick-and-mortar retail, e-commerce, and other distribution channels will develop in the future. In order to remain successful, the entire value chain – and therefore also intralogistics – needs to deal with these new developments. TGW is now presenting the answer to the industry’s challenges: OmniPick – an innovative pocket sorter solution that helps meet these changes in a highly flexible way, thus mastering the unpredictable.

Perfect for e-commerce and omni-channel

Primary target groups for this innovative solution are not only fashion companies, but also e-commerce players and specialists in omni-channel fulfillment. OmniPick transports, buffers, stows, sorts, and distributes products such as shoes, electronics, toys, and cosmetics in special pockets in an overhead conveyor. The outstanding feature of this system presented at LogiMAT is that the pockets can be loaded and unloaded fully automatically. Packing goods is also done automatically, without any human intervention at all.

Automated order fulfillment

With OmniPick, TGW has automated the entire order fulfillment process from order intake all the way to shipping. Manual handling is reduced to a minimum – which saves time and costs, and puts total cost of ownership into focus: Thanks to low maintenance costs and perfect integration into the TGW system world, OmniPick stands for maximum flexibility, productivity, and dynamics.


Visit TGW at LogiMAT 2019 and experience the future of pocket sorters in intralogistics.
See us at Hall 5, booth D61.


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