A piece of Spain in Teunz


A piece of Spain in Teunz

Living abroad and discovering a new culture, learning the language, traveling and the possibility of developing ourselves professionally in a company with interesting international projects was what motivated each of us to leave our work in Spain and move to Germany.

With the excitement of starting a new personal project and the uncertainty of knowing if we had made the right decision, we packed our suitcases and started our trip to Teunz. We cannot hide that when arriving at our destination we were impressed of the landscapes and the nature, of the quiet and the silence around us. Immediately afterwards we wondered, if we would really be able to adapt and integrate.


The first days were difficult, now we look back and we remember with affection many anecdotes. Leaving our comfort zones and facing unknown situations has enriched us a lot and opened our minds. Small everyday things were a challenge and overcoming them made this experience unforgettable.

Something that surprised us a lot in Germany was to find big companies in small towns. This allows the people of the area to have training, a stable job and good conditions while they are living close to family and friends. Usually in Spain, these kinds of companies are located in or around the cities.


During this time we have had to adapt some of our habits. One of the changes that affected us a lot when we arrived were the schedules. Having lunch at 12 o'clock and having dinner at 6 o'clock is something that, even today, we find difficult to get used to. There were many times when we went out to dinner during the weekend and the answer was: "the kitchen is closed".

The weather and the length of the days mark our routine. To say that the winter in Spain is as cold as the summer in Germany is not something much exaggerated. Thanks to the good weather, it is easy to find terraces full of people any day of the week in the towns and cities of our country. This makes us enjoy more of our free time outside and there is always time to have a beer with friends and colleagues after work.

Fortunately, we have met friendly people who have welcomed us and helped us to integrate and to know the traditions, parties and Bavarian culture. In this time we have visited Christmas markets and drunk hot wine there at -10oC degrees, traveled by bus with a local club to watch the football club Bayern München play at the Allianz Arena (and live next to them being world champions in Brazil), trips to the Oktoberfest, played sport and even in a Bavarian band! These are certainly good moments that have made us to feel Germany as our second home.


We like the intercultural atmosphere and how everyone adds value to TGW with their different way of thinking. The international environment is a great opportunity for us to learn a new language and get to know different cultures. On the one hand, we integrate into an existing working environment, organising ourselves in a flexible schedule. On the other hand, we contribute daily professional problems with our spontaneity. It is a professional and positive mix everybody benefits from.

Our positions and tasks within TGW are different, being part of several departments. Among us there are "Commissioning Engineers", "Software Engineers" and "System Integration Engineers", each of these roles allow us to work hand in hand with our colleagues from other departments and units. Although none of us had previous experience in logistics, with TGW we have discovered a completely new world for us, full of challenges and great opportunities.

We are a group of Spaniards from different regions, with similar values and concerns and who enjoy organizing trips and new plans together at every cafe or dinner. We support each other and the jokes and good mood are assured.
"Die kleine spanische Familie" in combination with our German friends has allowed us to get a perfect group in the heart of Bavaria. The good connection between all has been a key point for our experience here.

¡Muchísimas gracias a todos!

Fernando Jiménez Santos
Gonzalo Cortés Utrero
Cristina Carpio Chacón
María José Martínez Belmonte
Jorge Merino Jiménez
David Collazos Martin
Zaida Re Correas

Spanish Team at TGW Software Services