Discovering the country of football and music


Discovering the Country of football and Music

by Andreas Meindlhumer


Since I first visited England, I have always been thinking about coming back to this country. I have been really excited about London when I spent my holidays in the city about four years ago.
After two years at TGW I started to think about the opportunity to work in a different country. And when I first talked to my boss it turned out that England would be the best country for me to go to. So, I started my year abroad on the 1st October 2015. On the first day my new boss Steve Downes picked me up at the train station, to show me the office and my new home, a nice little house near the town centre. I remember it was not so easy to say good bye to my girlfriend and my family, but the warm and friendly welcome of all of my collages made the start very easy for me.
Teambuilding is a very important part of the daily life in the office. Therefore, the whole Solutions Design Team made a canal boat trip to Foxton looks for one day. We didn’t sink our boats so we are still here . In my opinion, this was a really great day to get to know each other better. This is not the only thing we are doing for teambuilding. We also started a table football league and a pool league some weeks ago. Therefore, we use some of our breaks for a short game.
But not only these actions show how important teamwork is here in England. If you have a question you will never hear an answer like “sorry, but I don’t have time for this now”. Everybody tries to help as much as possible, even if this means to stay a bit longer in the office.
When I had to pack my luggage there was one thing I had to think for even less than a second if I should bring it over to England – my French horn. Music is my biggest hobby and I could not imagine not to play for one year. So I become part of the Market Harborough Orchestra, a classical Orchestra with string and wind players. After some time of practicing we had the first concert in January. Although it is a completely different kind of orchestra from the one I was used to play in Austria it is a great experience for me and I look forward to play with them again.

Music is something you can find everywhere in England, a lot of people perform on the streets or in some of the pubs. You can hear really good musicians just for free! But England is also famous for their big concerts and festivals. I wanted to convince myself of this, and so I took the train to Manchester to go to a big concert of a Scottish and a Swedish metal band. And it is true, the atmosphere at concerts in England is a bit better than in other countries.
I also really enjoy to travel around, I have been to London several times and also to a lot of other places in the UK. For me, London is always exciting. And due to the fact that I am a football fan of Arsenal London, I managed to see some of their home games at the Emirates Stadium. I also saw some different teams in other towns and I have to say, it is always a great experience to watch football in England, even if it is not a premiere league game.

This year I decided to spent the new year’s eve in London, and I have to say, I have never seen such a great firework before. But not only the firework is great the whole town has a special atmosphere.
During the Easter break I spent some days to discover Scotland. This is such a great place. Starting in Edinburgh, probably the most beautiful old town I have ever seen, the trip took me through some of the beautiful lochs and the highlands to the Isle of Sky. When the streets aren’t busy with sheep, you have time to take a great look onto the incredible landscape. And in the evening you can enjoy a good local whiskey.

I am pretty sure there are many more things to discover here in England. It is definitely worth a trip to visit England and I am really glad to spend this year here.

Andreas Meindlhumer

Applications Engineer