Exploring the Austrian Culture

Exploring the Austrian Culture

by Kate Christie, Applications Engineer

For those who know me, living overseas is not a new experience, since I was a child I have lived in a number of countries but until the training in Austria I had always been with my family. For the first time I was moving to a new country alone. I was excited and Austria did not disappoint!

My six months in Austria was amazing because I met a lot of interesting people on the training course and in the office. The food was to die for (and I paid for it, having gained some weight…) and the countryside was stunning.

The training in Austria was great because I learnt a lot about TGW products, processes and about the tools we use to complete our jobs as Application Engineers. I was in the Application Engineer office, where I got to work with colleagues from Austria and learn more about the Austrian working culture.

Over the 6 months I travelled around Austria and the surrounding countries with friends from work, family and occasionally by myself. It was amazing to be so close to so many other countries, it meant exploring was extremely easy.

As we arrived in September the weather was still warm which coming from the UK was naturally a shock to the system! However once winter hit it made winter in England look like summer. Big tip bring snowshoes and a very thick coat. We arrived just before Volksfest (Wels version of Oktoberfest), so between the nice weather, enjoying evenings out and the new experience of seeing 16 year olds legally drinking in public….

One of the things I liked the most about Austria was the food. Fortunately for me, I was there during the winter, where I enjoyed all the different foods available at the Christmas markets. I highly recommend researching different foods before going to Austria so you don’t miss out on anything. My personal favourite was Krapfen, which is basically a jam doughnut.

I was surprised at how many Christmas markets there are around Austria, they are truly magical but they have some odd traditions that I had the opportunity to experience. I was shocked to discover people dress up as demon-like monsters and run around in the streets of towns and cities to scare the children before Christmas… Growing up with Santa and the threat of coal in my stocking was bad enough, having demons chasing you around is terrifying! I was intrigued to find out what this would be like and I can safely say I am happy I grew up without Krampus! But it was a really fun and slightly scary evening…

Not only did I get an amazing experience living in Austria, I also came away with some great friends and many incredible memories. Which as you can see from the above was greatly influenced by food…



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Kate Christie

Applications Engineer