Internship in England


Internship in England

by Edwin Zillner


Immediately after my graduation from the higher technical college in Linz, Upper Austria, I got the great chance to gain work experience in England at TGW Limited in combination with an internship at TGW Mechanics in Wels. The first week of my internship took place in Wels, where I was taught how to work with AutoCAD and to draw layouts. That was really interesting, because we used the programme Solid Edge at school and our focus was on developing and designing machine parts and systems. In my department it was more about adapting and combining existing modules.

My time in England was very good. The first night I slept at the hotel in the centre of Market Harborough but then I moved to the TGW house which is located between the headquarters of TGW and the Hotel. It is a lovely semi-detached red brick house, it is exactly how I imagined housing in England and I couldn’t imagine a better housemate than Andreas – TGW colleague from Austria. On Monday morning Lisa Haggar, the HR Manager at TGW Limited, picked me up and gave me a ride to TGW. She gave me a tour through the building and introduced me to my colleagues. The building offers open kitchens with tea and coffee for free, a small gym, pool and table football tables and the offices are really comfortable, too. The colleagues are very friendly and humorous and the atmosphere in the office is great.

At the first day my superior at TGW Limited talked to me about what I expected from the internship and we talked about my upcoming duties, TGW Limited in general and about the process from a new project to the signing in detail. In the following two weeks, I made a database of all the estimators to analyse the utilisation and margin over the different years and get a feeling for the projects. I worked with Budget, which is a tool to figure out the prices of different conveyors in a project, because they depend a lot on how many of the same conveyer types you use and which properties they should have. My colleagues showed me how to place step-overs properly for a certain level of system safety. You always have to think about what could happen and you have to find a way to minimise the hazard for the workers. And then, definitely the best part in my work, the site visits to companies with already realised TGW systems. It is a huge difference between reading about systems, seeing layouts in AutoCAD or animations and seeing a system in real life, operating with the packages.

Market Harborough itself is a nice and quiet village. It is cool to walk around here and get to know the city. But for people like me, who come here for a few weeks or even longer, the best thing about Market Harborough is that it is located in the centre of England which is perfect to go on weekend trips all over the country. I decided to spend both of my weekends in London, which is just one hour away by train. But Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Oxford, Cardiff and many other cities are reachable very easily and fast too.

Although most of my relatives and friends warned me of the English weather, it rained only two times and we had temperatures about 23-30 degrees most of the time. That was perfect for my weekend trips to London. It’s a huge city, no matter when and where, there will be a lot of people. There are many awesome and interesting places. Loads of squares, great buildings, parks, shops, museums, restaurants, concerts, musicals, markets and more. I think that city won’t get boring even after spending a month there.

It was definitely a great experience to work here in England and see London during my weekends. I really enjoyed that. Thank you TGW, for giving me that great chance!

Edwin Zillner