TGW’s Natrix Shoe Sorter provides high performance sortation of goods with very different dimensions into multiple discharge lanes on both sides of the machine.

Products are conveyed on a sorter bed consisting of extruded aluminium profiles. Shoes slide across these profiles, diverting products to pre-selected destinations. Different types of discharge lanes are available, e.g. driven roller conveyors, non-driven roller conveyors or gravity chutes.

Your benefits

  • High conveying speeds with approved switch technology
  • Increased performance
  • Lower chain, rail and switch noise emissions
  • Capacity to deliver up to 12,000 cartons or totes (400 x 400mm / 16” x 16”) per hour, each weighing up to 50kg (110lbs).
  • Ease of maintenance as shoes are simple and quick to remove

Technical data

  • Conveying speed: max. 2.6 m/s
  • Nominal widths: 420, 620, 820, 1020mm
  • Divert angles: 22° / 30°
  • Transfers: single sided / dual sided
  • Load weight: max. 50kg (110lbs)
  • Load dimensions:
    • min. 100 x 100mm
    • max. 1500 x 1000mm