Layer grippers

Your benefits

  • High availability through fully automatic gripper change-over
  • Innovative retrieval systems for entire product layers
  • Handling of a comprehensive product range



  • Vacuum-suction or load-bearing gripper systems
  • Highly dynamic servo technology including torque control

Row grippers

Your benefits

  • Vacuum-suction or load-bearing systems
  • Combination grippers for a wide variety of tasks



  • Integrated safety systems in case of collisions
  • Fully automatic gripper change-over

Crate/box grippers

Your benefits

  • Handling with single or multiple grip
  • Combination grippers for a wide range of box and crate systems



  • Folding of handles and boxes possible
  • Compensation of crate offset on pallet

Single-case grippers

Your benefits

  • Robust, proven design
  • Combination grippers to avoid gripper change
  • Gripper systems designed to suit the variety of products

Gripper head for packer/unpacker

Your benefits

  • Sturdy, low-wear pulling systems
  • Use of durable gripper cups



  • Unpacking heads with mechanical ejector
  • Spindle adjustment systems for format changes

Special grippers

Your benefits

  • Special gripper systems designed according to customer specifications
  • Precise positioning of parts



  • Designed to ensure loss prevention
  • Handling of different part sizes