For more than 20 years, TGW has been developing highly flexible industrial robotics systems, gaining extensive expertise in camera, sensor and gripper technologies.

Whether the application requires handling a single case or several at one time, TGW’s innovative gripper systems (boxes, single, row, layer gripper) combine multiple functions to handle single, rows or layers of boxes without changing the end effector device. 

While these highly automated robotics solutions can be used in challenging conditions (such as those found in timber and steel manufacturing industries), they are especially suited for depalletizing in receiving areas or for palletizing single items, packages and load carriers in shipping areas. Capable of running for up to 3,600 cycles per hour, TGW’s industrial robots reduce manual effort, reducing total cost of ownership. 

For automated picking tasks TGW offers cognitive robots supported by highly accurate image recognition software. This enables the robots to pick goods 100% automatically with minimal error rates at high pick speeds. Robust engineering ensures maximum robotic picking system uptime. 

Industrial robots by TGW - Your advantages:

  • Fully automatic palletizing, depalletizing and picking of goods to accelerate your material handling processes
  • Intelligent reaction mechanisms for high system availability 
  • Innovative gripper systems with combined functionalities for processing of various items
  • Low-maintenance guidance and drive systems for low total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Flexible robotic systems can perform complex tasks in difficult environments
  • Integration into TGW Software Suite as an independent controls system for simple and fast remote maintenance
  • Integrates easily into TGW’s overall solutions for perfect interaction of all individual components
  • Fast and simple connection to existing or new intralogistics systems