Stacking and De-stacking Robots

High-performance stacking robots by TGW reduce manual workloads by fully automatically stacking and de-stacking totes, cartons and pallets in a fast and precise way.

Stacking and de-stacking robots for cartons and totes

TGW's stacking and and de-stacking robots automatically stack load carriers ,then place them onto pallets or into roll containers. Achieving rates up to 700 totes or 350 roll containers per hour, they utilize a special tote gripper system with integrated centering and spreading devices that stack or separate totes with repeatable accuracy.

Layer Palletizer

Flexible and upgradeable, TGW’s layer palletizer stacks layers of different forms of packaging—such as cartons, boxes and totes—into mixed loads by means of a lifting unit. A one- or two-lane in-feed accelerates the palletizing process to 3,000 products per hour, reducing lead times. 

Stacking and de-stacking robots by TGW - Your advantages:

  • Automatic stacking and de-stacking of cartons, totes and layers for shorter lead times
  • Continuous, precise performance of stacking processes in minimal space
  • Safer operation through fast stacking and de-stacking of various load carriers without manual labor
  • Robust construction for extreme environmental conditions
  • Low-maintenance guidance and drive systems with 24/7 support for low total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Integration into TGW Software Suite as an independent controls system for simple and fast remote maintenance
  • Integrates easily into TGW’s overall solutions for perfect interaction of all individual components
  • Fast and simple connection to existing or new intralogistics systems