Upgrades and Enhancements

Does your logistics solution still meet all of your requirements or has your system become out-of-date and you’d like to reduce your service costs and increase energy efficiency? TGW’s team of experienced retrofit experts will review your solution including the controls and software in order to update and adapt it to your business requirements.

Options range from IT and controls upgrades, to a complete redesign and retrofit including replacement and extension of mechanical solution components.

There are already a great number of references that demonstrate the advantages that modernization provides. Since the installation of your solution, many of your original logistics requirements (e.g. increased product ranges and throughput rates, shorter lead times, higher energy costs, lower fault tolerances or changing packing units and sizes) may have changed considerably.

Your benefits

  • Increased and stable performance
  • Flexible capacities
  • Increased availability
  • Increased performance due to more ergonomic design

Your contact

For questions concerning modernisation and retrofit, please contact TGW Systems Inc. who will provide help and advice.