You're looking for an efficient turnkey solution and TGW provides you with turnkey capability from a single source. Your competitiveness is empowered by our unique knowledge and experience across all logistics sectors. Our experience and expertise in all aspects of the production chain and project implementation make TGW your perfect worldwide partner for turnkey services.

For over 50 years, global market leaders across a wide range of logistics industry segments have relied on reliability and efficiency. They have relied on turnkey services provided by TGW. Our focus is on the profitability of your plant throughout the entire project lifecycle. A proven Project Management process is the key to success!

Project Management

Your Quality Gates - Project Management at TGW follows a quality controlled process, called the “Stage Gate Process” comprising six overlapping stages with six quality ‘gates’ to ensure reliable project planning, strict project controlling and successful project implementation.

About 70 chronological main project management tasks will be performed as a minimum requirement to realize your project on time and on budget while meeting the highest quality standards.

Stage Gate Process

Production, sourcing and installation

Your solution from one source. TGW is proud to produce its own components, products and, ultimately, entire solutions. With highly sophisticated production facilities in Austria (Europe), the U.S. and China, we produce our material handling equipment such as conveyors, load handling devices, storage and retrieval machines and shuttles in-house, and we develop and deliver controls as well as the IT hardware and software.

With TGW, you will find a partner with the expertise and tools in production control and industrial just-in-time sourcing. Our global sourcing approach, together with lead buyers for certain material groups, supports our effort to provide you with the right material at the right time. Our Purchasing Departments are involved at an early stage of your project and they closely collaborate with the Technical Department and Project Management teams.

Whatever you need

Our detailed knowledge in the planning and implementation of complex turnkey projects by following our proven procedures is a definite strength of TGW.



Our experts in Site Management and our international teams are proficient in all the tasks that an emerging installation requires – from shipping to site safety and management.

Controls and IT Commissioning

Up and running - Our international commissioning specialists travel to installations throughout the world and support the installation with their outstanding knowledge and experience. With long-term and proven commissioning methods and IT tool-sets, we are perfectly prepared for everything that your installation requires.

Before we start commissioning on site, we make sure that everything runs smoothly by conducting rigorous tests and in-house emulation. To avoid disrupting your operation, we will commission your new intralogistics parallel to your day-to-day operations.

Customer Training and Ramp-Up

Assistance and support

TGW experts can confidently operate any installation and they are happy to share this knowledge with our customers. Our well-proven training scenarios cover all phases of your installation’s lifecycle.



In our Training and Education Centre (TEC) at TGW’s headquarters in Wels, Austria, we offer you a wide range of training opportunities, including the option to deliver the training directly at your site.Our experienced trainers speak your language and perfectly understand your way of working. They will tell you everything you need to know about your new or modernised logistics installation.

Ramp-Up - Your company during live operation

Our Ramp-Up Managers have gained years of worldwide experience from all kinds of installations. They are skilled, highly dedicated and love what they do. At TGW we use this experience and expertise to ensure the high performance of your system.

We won’t leave you on your own as soon as your installation is finished. We make sure you are confident with everything your new logistics facility offers before handing your installation over to our Lifetime Service.