ROI Benefits in Warehouse Automation

Quick amortization with the 360° perspective

The investment costs of an intralogistics system are often perceived to be the most important item of the procurement process. However, investment costs are only the tip of the iceberg ...:
because from an overall perspective, operating costs such as maintenance, spare parts, labor costs, and energy represent by far the largest cost component.

TGW looks at its projects in their entirety – from the planning and the realization phase to the lifetime services, always focusing on the Total Cost of Ownership.

Planning & Consulting


Lifetime Services

Unmatched in the Industry: A Guarantee of up to 10 Years

The close integration of all TGW systems (software, robotics, controls, and mechanics) has a positive impact on reliability, longevity, and uptime – and thus on return on investment (ROI) of your warehouse management system.

Operating costs are already taken into account during design of the system and broken down transparently. All costs are fully transparent.

This is what we stand for by offering a guarantee of up to 10 years. We guarantee the costs of our customized service packages, which represent a significant part of the total cost of ownership – as early as during the planning phase. Thus, TGW provides 100% peace of mind for this portion of total cost of ownership that is the most difficult to calculate by operators of automated logistics centers.  


Why Can TGW Offer this Guarantee?

Firstly, because TGW provides high-quality mechatronics components which combine high reliability with low maintenance costs and low energy consumption. On the other hand, our standardized solutions such as FlashPick® deliver higher performance in comparison with those from other providers.

Full-Service Packages


Customized TGW service packages reduce maintenance and ensure uptime around the clock. Intelligent energy management systems also help save costs in a sustainable manner. Remember: True-cost pricing becomes obvious only when considering a plant’s entire life cycle. This is why TGW focuses on total cost of ownership – and will reduce your TCO significantly.

You are planning a new logistics center that is supposed to make your business fit for the future and are looking into a reliable system integrator? Find out how to reduce total cost of ownership with TGW at your side by contacting us!

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