Deep-Freeze Storage Solutions

Deep-Freeze Automated Storage Systems: High performance at sub-zero temperatures

We take it for granted that we can regularly fill our freezers with frozen food. Vegetables, pizza, ice cream — a perfect cold chain ensures high-quality food. The cold chain does not start at the grocery store, however, but much earlier, at the distribution center. And these distribution centers must meet the highest quality standards. That’s why, at TGW, freezer logistics is the standard to which all products are designed and engineered.

Freezer logistics: The TGW Standard

TGW is the first order fulfillment supplier to offer an automated freezer handling solution based on standardized shuttles. Every component, product and system we manufacture and implement is rated to deliver high performance in all temperature ranges — including the lowest temperatures common to food production, handling, storage, distribution and retail.

That means the same, all-wheel-drive TGW Stingray Shuttle system can be installed in any temperature range, from 140° to -22° Fahrenheit (40° to -30° Celsius) with just a few minor component modifications to adapt to the environment — similar to having snow tires on a car. TGW’s solutions won’t leave you out in the cold.

Freezer giant Coop in Switzerland

Located in central Switzerland, grocery retailer Coop is leveraging the versatility of TGW’s automated storage and handling equipment throughout its centralized distribution center. The new facility utilizes TGW technology throughout multiple areas, maintained at different temperatures: 28.4° Fahrenheit (-2° Celsius) in receiving; -13° Fahrenheit (-25° Celsius) in consolidation and freezer zones; and 41° Fahrenheit (+5° Celsius) in outbound shipping.

Specifically, TGW's technologies implemented within the Coop facility include:

  • Freezer warehouse pallet storage at -13° Fahrenheit (-25° Celsius)
  • Splitex automated de-palletizing at 28.4° Fahrenheit (-2° Celsius)
  • Manual de-palletizing at 28.4° Fahrenheit (-2° Celsius)
  • Conveyance and transport of goods over several levels at 28.4° Fahrenheit (-2° Celsius)
  • Stingray automated case storage shuttle system at -13° Fahrenheit (-25° Celsius)
  • AutoStax automated palletizing at 28.4° Fahrenheit (-2° Celsius)
  • Consolidation buffer at -13° Fahrenheit (-25° Celsius)
  • Permanent package handling and outbound shipping at 41° Fahrenheit (+5° Celsius)


Find out more about Coop's goals and the relationship with TGW:
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Your benefits

  • Increased Worker Productivity: Fully automated solutions improve operator ergonomics and comfort in physically demanding freezer areas, allowing them to pick more products in less time.
  • Compact Construction: Engineered for maximum space savings, a Stingray Shuttle warehouse supports high storage density. That enables the storage of more products in a smaller footprint, yielding lower energy costs to maintain cold temperatures.
  • Maintenance Friendly: Easily accessed for routine maintenance and repairs, the shuttles can be removed using a special shuttle lift, then serviced in an area with more ambient temperatures.
  • Fully Integrated System: TGW components, products and systems can be used in any temperature range. The same base components — outfitted with minor modifications to accommodate colder temperatures — are deployed in both freezer warehouses and ambient temperature operations.
  • High Performance Travel: Equipped with all-wheel drive and sophisticated sensors, the Stingray Shuttles deliver maximum dynamics and availability, even in sub-zero temperatures.
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership: The combination of high performance, maximum availability and high storage density created by a TGW Stingray Shuttle system in a chilled or frozen environment delivers significantly lower total cost of ownership than conventional, manual operations.

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