Finding and keeping qualified, reliable labor is an ongoing and increasing concern for many warehouses and distribution centers today. E-commerce and omni-channel retailers in particular must move orders at higher speeds with fewer workers than ever before. It’s also critical to protect associates by investing in solutions that ensure proper ergonomics. To address this ongoing disruption and change, new, innovative solutions are required for material handling, including those based on the latest developments in robotics and automation.

Starting the Rovolution ↓

Integrate robotic picking alongside associates in goods-to-person system

Offered as powerful, modular component that can be easily added to the FlashPick® ergonomic goods-to-person smart piece picking system, Rovolution ensures a much lower total cost of ownership by maximizing picking speeds to rates of 500 order lines per workstation per hour.

Rovolution’s benefits

  • Intelligent:
    Operating autonomously, Rovolution automatically self-corrects when unexpected events occur, making manual intervention unnecessary. The material flow is never interrupted, ensuring completeness of a customer's order with a high degree of accuracy. 
  • Self-learning:
    Intuitively adaptable based on its integrated cognitive robotics and machine learning technologies, Rovolution gains experience with every pick and learns from it - increasing productivity with no teaching required. 
  • Flexible: 
    Rovolution accurately picks a broad variety of item types, shapes and sizes. Both rigid and soft packages are gripped accurately, whether it’s T-shirts in a polybag, a box of toys or canned food.