Automated mixed-case palletizing

TGW’s mixed-case palletizing solution is a fully automated, full-case picking system that optimizes mixed-case retail replenishment. It also eliminates the labor-intensive task of manually picking full cases onto pallets.

System description

Everything starts in the pallet high-bay warehouse where full pallets are stored and retrieved for de-palletizing when the stock level in the mini-load warehouse has reached a minimum or the order forecast requires it.

The de-palletized cases are singulated and stored in a shuttle-based automatic warehouse where they await selection for retail order fulfillment. Upon receipt of orders from the stores, TGW PackPattern software determines the arrangement of each pallet’s contents based on various factors such as store layout, pallet stability, density and more. Based on order priority and delivery routes, the system retrieves the cases in the required sequence and routes them to the AutoStax palletizer. Pallets are stretch-wrapped immediately after palletizing for secure transport to stores.

Your benefits

  • Fully automated system eliminates labor in the operation
  • Automatic palletizing of pallets or rolling containers
  • Reduced transport costs due to improved pallet density through TGW PackPattern software
  • Store-friendly palletizing
  • Works in all temperatures, from ambient to deep freezer environments