OmniPick - The Zero-Touch Pocket Sorter Solution

OmniPick is TGW's smart PTG (person-to-goods) or GTP (goods-to-person) order fulfillment solution for zero-touch operation. Touching the goods manually is eliminated thanks to automated induction, unloading and packing. Ideal for retail and direct business, OmniPick is a true omni-channel order fulfillment solution.

The unpredictable demand of the end consumer,  the requirement of a higher service level and an increasing labour scarcity confront retailers with the need of a flexible distribution network. OmniPick quickly and flexibly adapts to changing business models – fully automated and with consistently high efficiency and low Total Cost of Ownership, based on research from the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and smart robotics. 

With OmniPick, retailers can quickly and flexibly adapt to changing order structures and profiles, but also business models – fully automated and with consistently high efficiency. Based on research from the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and smart robotics. TGW’s innovative pocket sorter system can prepare your intralogistics for the challenges of the future while setting new standards in terms of flexibility, productivity, and momentum.

  • Smart PTG (person-to-goods) or GTP (goods-to-person) order fulfillment
  • High level of automation
  • Manual handling is no longer necessary thanks to automatic pocket unloading (zero touch)
  • The system automatically adapts to changing order structures

Your Benefits

More flexibility.

  • The system allows for changing sales channels and new business models.
  • Only one item is placed in each pocket (single-item handling): Order changes have no effect on the overall system.
  • A matrix sorter arranges the pockets in perfect sequence and allows for store-friendly packing.
  • Performance and size of the pocket sorter system can be easily and quickly adjusted and scaled as order volumes change.
  • A conveyor network connects each induction station to each buffer. Each buffer connects to an automatic unloading or packing station.


More momentum.

  • Short order throughput times
  • High throughput due to innovative pocket sorter technology and powerful overhead conveyor systems

More productivity.

  • Pockets are emptied automatically and without human intervention.
  • High mechatronic throughput performance.
  • Batch picking and preventive replenishment reduces the number of transports.
  • Efficient consolidation of warehouse-mixed orders.
  • Flat garments in pockets and hanging garments on hangers can be processed together in the conveyor system.
  • Returns can be buffered and used for order processing without being re-picked.
  • High and sustainable operator productivity.