Split Case Order Fulfillment

Split-case order fulfillment operations are no longer restricted to slow movers or expensive items. Direct-to-consumer, e-commerce and omni-channel distribution have changed this picture dramatically. Consumers order only one, or - in the best case - a couple of pieces per article, while brick-and-mortar stores are carrying wider product ranges and with lower quantities available per stock-keeping unit (SKU). These trends are increasing the demand for split-case handling, regardless of the industry.

TGW offers a comprehensive portfolio of split-case picking solutions based on Goods-to-Person, Person-to-Goods or a combination of the two methodologies to handle each article in the most cost-effective way. Inventory is categorized based on the SKU’s order velocity and its dimensions.

The selected system design depends on factors including:

  • Labor cost
  • Operator productivity
  • Building costs per square foot


Based on your operation’s specific requirements, TGW will customize a solution that optimizes the performance of your order fulfillment processes.