TGW offers an optimised logistics process with SAP.
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With a dedicated competence centre for SAP logistics solutions, we support you in consultation, implementation and maintenance for SAP software solutions. Together, we create an IT infrastructure that makes you prepared for whatever may come in the future. By implementing SAP Extended Warehouse Management Software (SAP EWM) – the high-performance standard software system for storage management and control from SAP – we integrate industry-specific software solutions combined with comprehensive services.


As a certified SAP partner, we support you in planning and simulation, design and development, and implementation and commissioning of your SAP EWM solutions. Our close interaction with SAP AG enables us to adapt the applications ideally to your needs, while keeping as close as possible to the standard. This ensures that when there is a release change, implementation is simple and painless. Together, we create an IT infrastructure that makes you prepared for whatever may come in the future.

The SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) logistics solution equips you for the future and enables the complete transaction of your logistics processes, from goods receipt to issue:

  • SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM)
    • Integration of SAP EWM MFS Automation
    • SAP Resource Planning
    • SAP Yard Logistics


SAP EWM can be used regardless of the degree of automation – and for special requirements, we have the flexibility to integrate components from TGW Warehouse Software. All applications have a standardised SAP interface.

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  • INTEGRATION OF SAP ERP & SAP EWM Warehouse structures, storage locations, master data

  • GOODS RECEIPT (PROCESS & LAYOUT) Batch handling, serial number handling, deconsolidation, packaging, quality testing and inspection processes, value-added logistics services, catch weight

  • GOODS ISSUE (PROCESS & LAYOUT) Pick, pack & pass, value-added logistics services, direct despatch, kit-to-stock/kit-to-order, packaging/repackaging, loading

  • INTEGRATION OF SAP EWM MFS AUTOMATION Connection of PLC, setup/integration of the MFS, visualisation & monitoring

  • INTERNAL GOODS MOVEMENTS Planned replenishment, automatic replenishment, order-related replenishment, scrap

  • RESOURCE OPTIMISATION Wave management, task management, production supply process, cross docking

  • INVENTORY Ad-hoc inventory, low inventory monitoring, cycle counting, periodic inventory

  • YARD MANAGEMENT Goods acceptance and shipping, shipping cockpit

  • FIORI APPS Individual Fiori apps (e.g. for workstations)

TGW offers a strong link for your warehouse management software.

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TGW Connected Warehouse Platform enriches data from TGW's own components with data from third-party suppliers.

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