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Smart pocket sorter system

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Reduce return handling and total operating costs with our smart pocket sorter system for omni-channel business models based on the zero-touch principle - both for PTG (Person-to-Goods) and GTP (Goods-to-Person) operations. Manual work steps are eliminated due to automatic loading, unloading and packaging. Our answer for supply chain managers who increasingly have to master unpredictable situations.

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  • HIGH DEGREE OF AUTOMATION fully automatic loading and unloading of pockets based on our cognitive robot Rovolution

  • FLEXIBLE can be applied to person-to-goods (PTG) or goods-to-person (GTP) operations

  • EFFICIENT RETURNS HANDLING  can be used as buffer for order fulfilment without new order picking

  • HIGH THROUGHPUT due to innovative pocket sorter technology and powerful conveyor system for pockets and hanging garments

  • ERGONOMIC operator-friendly order picking at ergonomically optimised workstations

  • OMNI-CHANNEL flexible adaptation to changing order structures and handling of different product types

  • SCALABLE modular design allows flexible expansions for any system architecture

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OmniPick® transports, buffers, accumulates, sorts and distributes products such as flat items, shoes, electronic articles, toys or cosmetics in pockets, as well as hanging garments. The pockets are loaded and unloaded fully automatically (zero-touch).


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