Crossing the puddle to challenge Europe

"Crossing the puddle to challenge Europe: Austria, its beautiful landscape and nature, and particular weather”

by Laura Garcia


Going abroad was something I always wanted to do… some years ago, I had the opportunity to live in Germany for two years, and there I learned the German language. Once back in my home country Uruguay, I decided not to stay there. So some years later, having finished university and just got married, my husband and I moved to Barcelona, Spain. There I had my first contact with TGW

With such a Spanish name, being not Spanish but Uruguayan-Italian, with a son born in Barcelona…. I am what I would say a multicultural person, working for an international company located all over the world.

I considered it necessary to make a small introduction of my family and myself, before starting to describe my personal experience in this new “adventure” that we have undertaken. I title it: Crossing the puddle to challenge Europe: Austria, its beautiful landscape and nature, and particular weather”

…”landscape and nature”… we feel just living a story like “The sound of Music”, can you remember this movie? Those green meadows, with such beautiful geography, the houses on the slopes of the mountains… the Austrian landscape is like a movie to me.

…”particular weather”….being a Latina, and after living in Spain for 12 years, I must emphasize on the big weather difference, which from my point of view is quite considerable, but if I could adapt myself to Catalonia (and its “Catalán”), of course we can adapt ourselves to Austria, and its snow!

It is not so easy to move a whole family to a completely new and different country, but at the same time, I could not resist to take this opportunity and nourish myself of experience, and of course to know the company from its origins. I work as Assistant Key Account Manager at TGW Systems Integration for 6 months now and it has been a great experience so far.

TGW is an international company, which offers ranges of opportunities; located all over the world, this makes it quite attractive for the geographical mobility of its employees. In addition, the cold winter has not been an impediment at all, to get up every day and going to work (much earlier than Spain, should I say).

Having lived in Germany, was an advantage because of the language, but I cannot underestimate the Austrian people, although they speak the same language, there are some nuances; these nuances show us that we are talking about two completely different countries, culturally and idiomatically. Moreover, this is what makes the Austrians UNIQUE.


In this short time at TGW in Wels, I had the opportunity to visit one of the installations that TGW has built in Lahr, Germany: Zalando. Although I had visited some installations before in Spain , visiting one of the most important customer from TGW Systems Integration has been very enriching, not only due to the dimension of the installation, but also because of the cultural difference that exists between all TGW Group´s customers and Entities.


This opportunity is so enriching that I invite you to be part of it and dedicate a time of your life abroad!






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Laura Maria Garcia

Assistant Key Account Manager