21. Aralık 2017

TGW extends Triumph's Logistics Centre

In the course of the reorganisation of its logistics strategy, Triumph International AG decided to expand the existing logistics centre in Wiener Neustadt, Austria. With a new solution, TGW Logistics Group from Wels will implement the new logistics strategy.
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3. Kasım 2017

Harald Schröpf new CEO of TGW Logistics Group

Harald Schröpf, former COO, has been appointed as new Chief Executive Officer of TGW Logistics Group GmbH
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31. Ekim 2017

Exhibitions 2018

Flexible, fast, modular – Over the entire life cycle of a material handling system. The TGW Logistics Group, as a leading systems integrator, offers material handling solutions with a 360-degree perspective.
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26. Eylül 2017

TGW Robots look after the household

BSH Hausgeräte GmbH treats itself to a TGW logistics solution for its birthday
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14. Ağustos 2017

Stahlgruber trusts in TGW technologies

Expansion and new building for better performance – Stahlgruber, company for car spare parts, garage equipment, tools and accessories for the automobile industry, trusts in TGW's technologies and expands its logistics centre at the site in Sulzbach-Rosenberg, including a new construction of the goods-in area and the automatic mini-load warehouse.
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27. Haziran 2017

Formular for Success: Innovation+

For our innovations, every single idea is important but not every idea will become an innovation. When is an innovation successful?
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25. Mayıs 2017

TGW @ CeMAT Asia 2017

360-degree logistics solutions by TGW at CeMat Asiain Shanghai
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9. Mayıs 2017

TGW Freezer Logistics

An automated logistics solution comprises the complex interaction between numerous systems, components, products and processes. Challenges like ensuring the cold and freezer chain have to be considered right from the start in order to guarantee long-lasting satisfaction in every step up to the end customer. TGW has been working in the grocery industry for years and aimed its products at this industry – every system, every component and every product can be used in temperatures from +40 to -30 degree Celsius without any difficulty.
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11. Nisan 2017

Walter Meier automates with TGW

HVAC expert counts on energy-efficient intralogistics
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28. Mart 2017

TGW Service Package with Smart Glasses

It's a simple approach with a huge effect, making the solution finding process more precise, efficient and effective. And above all: faster. Smart Glasses make our on-site engineers unbeatable.
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8. Mart 2017

360-Degree Logistics Solutions by TGW

How to save money through Total Cost of Ownership
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27. Şubat 2017

Coop's logistics work of art

Acceptance of the first TGW subproject of Coop's central distribution centre
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2. Şubat 2017

Five years of TGW Switzerland

In January 2012, three Swiss wrote company history by planning a new start in intralogistics. Within the first year, they already achieved big successes in the entire TGW Group. Now they are celebrating the fifth anniversary of the new TGW unit in Switzerland.
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30. Ocak 2017

TGW @ LogiMAT 2017

360-degree logistics solutions by TGW at LogiMAT in Stuttgart
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26. Ocak 2017

TGW @ ProMAT 2017

TGW showcases 360-degree logistics solutions, including FlashPick® goods-to-person split case picking and Lifetime Services
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16. Ocak 2017

Aiming High

TGW Mustang – the new generation of storage and retrieval machines
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16. Kasım 2016

Ground-breaking at TGW in Marchtrenk

New Building for 700 Employees
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10. Kasım 2016

A Perfect Model Plant for Würth

TGW implements shuttle system for Würth Elektronik eiSos Group

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4. Ekim 2016

Be Fast. Stay Flexible.

TGW FlashPick® – The smart response to the questions of tomorrow
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12. Eylül 2016

TGW automates autoparts giant Mekonomen

TGW Logistics Group provides fully automated warehousing solution and Lifetime Service for Nordic autoparts giant Mekonomen in Sweden.
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22. Ağustos 2016

TGW technology for Playmobil®

The geobra Brandstätter Stiftung & Co. KG, manufacturer of Playmobil® is expanding the existing Playmobil® logistics centre in Herrieden, Germany.
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10. Ağustos 2016

TGW retrofit makes OPO Oeschger fit for the future

With this comprehensive retrofit, OPO are looking forward to a safe future with ideal customer service.
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18. Temmuz 2016

Intralogistics duet with Thomann

After their debut in 2009, TGW and Musikhaus Thomann continue with a common melody.
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11. Temmuz 2016

TGW China study tour

TGW China invites logistics experts from China to join the TGW and Fraunhofer study tour in Europe.
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21. Haziran 2016

TGW acquires automation experts CHM

TGW acquires automation experts: CHM becomes TGW Robotics.
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16. Haziran 2016

TGW STINGRAY Shuttle System for TVH

TVH invests in new logistics solution with TGW STINGRAY shuttle system for high performance and support of their growth strategy.
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6. Haziran 2016

New TGW office in the Netherlands

TGW opened their new office at the logistics hotspot in West Brabant, the Netherlands.
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19. Mayıs 2016

Medical logistics for Richard Wolf

Richard Wolf automated their logistics installation without electro-static loading with TGW.
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22. Nisan 2016

TGW Shuttle-Warehouse for TVH

TVH invest in a new automated shuttle based Distribution Centre with TGW
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14. Nisan 2016

Latest TGW technologies for Zalando

Online giant Zalando will install a brand new logistics centre in Lahr, Germany, together with TGW. On the green field, they will implement a new project with a special focus on sustainability – and of course the latest technologies.
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6. Nisan 2016

Witt: It does not always have to be shuttles

A three-storey carton warehouse by TGW for Witt
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23. Mart 2016

TGW reinforces Benelux team

Growth is in line with international success. TGW Logistics Group reinforces team in the Benelux region.
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10. Mart 2016

Fulfilment centre for bol.com

TGW to automate fulfilment centre for bol.com
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1. Mart 2016

TGW Expands Executive Board

The team of TGW Logistics Group will be extended by another member: Christoph Wolkerstorfer.
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10. Şubat 2016

Banner Relies on TGW Logistics Solutions

TGW expanded Banner's warehouse with the latest logistics technologies.
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26. Ocak 2016

DeFacto expands their logistics

TGW as solid partner for the future: DeFacto expands their logistics centre in Cerkezkoy, Turkey with TGW
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14. Aralık 2015

Retrofitting the fashion industry

TGW realized shuttle and mini-load warehouses in Tennessee
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18. Kasım 2015

More power for Conrad Electronic

Successful Logistics Expansion with TGW and IGZ
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5. Kasım 2015

TGW's international growth plan

Double-digit growth and 330 new employees wanted
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8. Eylül 2015

TGW expands headquarters in Wels

TGW Logistics Group headquartered in Wels, expands its head office. The leading systems provider of intralogistics solutions recently purchased a 75,000 square metre area in the neighbouring community Marchtrenk. Until 2018, a new office building as well as a production hall shall be built.
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11. Ağustos 2015

TGW prepares Bestseller logistics centre for peak season demand

Automated logistics solutions provider TGW is extending the logistics centre of Bestseller, the Danish multi-label fashion retailer and one of Europe’s largest clothing companies.
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15. Temmuz 2015

TGW officially opens production facility in Changzhou, China

On Tuesday, 23rd June 2015, TGW officially launched the production facility in Changzhou and celebrated this milestone with traditional Chinese fireworks – the louder, the more successful the business.
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16. Haziran 2015

Uncovering the secrets of fresh goods

Ahorramas’ chilled logistics centre
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12. Mayıs 2015

The CASAMODA shirt and its logistics journey

TGW logistics centre for CASAMODA in Oldenburg, Germany
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21. Nisan 2015

TGW Logistics Group opens Benelux branch

Hans De Sutter new Head of Sales Benelux
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10. Şubat 2015

TGW in partnership with the British Library

State-of-the-art technology meets British history.
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12. Ocak 2015

TGW Conveys Big At Chinese E-Commerce Specialist CNSS

7.5 kilometres of conveyor equipment on five levels ensure the shipping of 7,500 packages per hour during peak times.
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17. Aralık 2014

Sporty TGW logistics centre for adidas Brasil

Best performance in sports and best performance in logistics.
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2. Aralık 2014

Pfister Revamps Its Logistics

Switzerland's largest furniture retailer needs efficient material handling operations.
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17. Kasım 2014

Logistics Seven-League Boots For LLOYD – TGW Makes It Happen

A red stripe on the heels hints at the origin of the shoe – since 1968, this stripe has been the distinguishing mark of LLOYD shoes.
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7. Kasım 2014

Mango Relies On TGW’s Technologies

TGW will give the Spanish fashion empire a new logistics outfit in Palau Solità de Plegamans, Barcelona.
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1. Temmuz 2014

TGW acquires Klug integrated systems

The TGW Logistics Group integrates the company Klug GmbH integrated systems into the international TGW family.
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1. Nisan 2014

Bestseller Ready For The Catwalk

Systems integrator TGW realized an impressive logistics solution in Haderslev, Denmark, for the Danish multi-label fashion retailer Bestseller.
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14. Mart 2014

Neat logistics solutions make a difference at Kärcher

When it comes to cleaning systems, the whole world relies on products and solutions by Kärcher - private as well as professional users. But what to do, if a nozzle of one of the high pressure cleaners is blocked up? No problem - Kärcher's spare parts distribution centre realized by TGW in the German town Obersontheim cares for a fast replacement.
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17. Ocak 2014

Mafell: Intuitive with tools, strategically in logistics

The existing logistics centre was enhanced with established technologies by systems integrator TGW.
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4. Aralık 2013

TGW Provides Esprit With A DropBox Solution

Esprit trusts in the technological competence of TGW.
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29. Ekim 2013

Fricke relies on a dynamic materials handling system

A high-performance materials handling system by TGW provides for optimum processes within this warehouse.
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27. Şubat 2013

Lenze – Becoming Europe's Logistics Hub With TGW

Based on a long-lasting partnership, TGW implemented the core element of Lenze's logistics centre in Asten, Austria.
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28. Ocak 2013

SALEWA Headquarters Bolzano South

The energy-efficient solutions by TGW contributed to the successful implementation of the trend-setting project in Bolzano.
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8. Ocak 2013

Böllhoff: "TGW Gave Us Three Way Optimization”

A dynamic order buffer system from TGW optimizes goods receiving, order picking and shipping areas for Böllhoff
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7. Ocak 2013

TGW goes Frankfurt

TGW opens a subsidiary in Langen near Frankfurt, Germany.
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14. Ağustos 2012

Hermle Mills Better With TGW

Hermle continues on expansion course, and so TGW relocated and extended the existing automatic mini-load warehouse as fundamental part of the new logistics centre.
daha fazla oku...
5. Mart 2012

Listening to the best – Musikhaus Thomann

The musical goods are prepared and shipped from the new logistics centre, which was realised by TGW.
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13. Ocak 2012

INTERSPORT Poland catches up with TGW’s logistic solution

Raising numbers demanded a new logistics centre for Intersport Poland.
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