B.E.L. Private school

School as a Place of Enthusiasm

A school where the personal development of every child is individually promoted. Far away from rigid structures. The Future Wings Private Foundation supports the B.E.L. Private School in Linz, Upper Austria, which has a totally new teaching concept.

B.E.L. stands for Bildung & Entfaltung Linz (education and unfolding). The teaching concept, which is based upon the latest brain research findings and modern educational science, has existed since 2013. What might still sound strange is actually quite simple: it is an achievement-oriented school which prepares the children best for present and future challenges.

The idea and goals of the B.E.L. Private School

The whole teaching concept is based on three principles by which the children are best prepared for the future. The first principle makes for the positive attitude: I want! The children are taught in manageable small groups. The teachers' individual attention and their conveyance of knowledge are adapted to the speed and development level of every child. And these are only some of the methods which shall create enthusiasm for correct learning and achievement.

The general principle is "Achievement with enthusiasm!“ The second cornerstone of the concept is the self-reliant acting of every single student: I do! The third important pillar is the development of self-confidence and of accepting your boundaries in the school routine: I am! Independent project work as well as presentations in groups and role plays promotes self-confident manners in the society.

Individuality instead of an undifferentiated approach

Unlike many other schools, the B.E.L. does not teach in a non-selective way. The speed and method of teaching and learning are determined by the development cycles as well as skills and talents of every single child. Theoretical concepts are linked with practical examples, exercises and application methods which allow every child to identify with the material. The main goal of B.E.L. is to prepare as many children as possible for life in a responsible way.

Lessons in small groups

The B.E.L. Private School has public status, orients itself towards the public Austrian curriculum and provides lessons from the 1st to 8th grade. It is possible to enter and change over from/to other schools at any time. The teaching staff is chosen according to very selective and purposive criteria. A basic educational training, as well as a high degree of commitment and socio-pedagogical competency and the permanent further training are prerequisite for ensuring the high teaching level.

Lessons take place from 8:30 to 12:40 in manageable small groups – the average size of a class is 15 children.

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