TGW solutions are tailored to the needs of


  • consumer electronics
  • entertainment
  • health & beauty
  • home/DIY

Challenges affecting the general merchandise industry


  • Increased service requirements
  • Increased market and customer segmentation
  • Growing product ranges with a diverse range of goods

TGW – Solutions for general merchandise

Logistics has always been acknowledged as an important driver for improved performance in retail and wholesale distribution. Therefore, the companies taking larger control of their entire supply chain assume considerably more responsibility with increased focus on their logistics operations.
TGW’s general merchandise solutions consolidate the requirements of store delivery, e-commerce and returns handling in one multifunctional distribution centre.

They cover two main requirements for automated logistics platforms – further cost improvement and enhanced speed of operations.
TGW helps you boost your company’s performance with up-to-date automated solutions – so you can easily and quickly configure your inventory levels, adjust your output schedules and increase your order fulfilment capabilities.

Your benefits

  • A seamless omni-channel order fulfilment operation (combining small and big orders)
  • Smooth operation - independent of peaks in the different distribution channels
  • Reduced order fulfilment lead-time granting next-day/same-day delivery for stores and e-commerce customers
  • Increased order accuracy
  • Optimised facility and labour resources
  • Reduced costs – Logistics-related costs such as inventory carrying costs, transportation costs, labour and IT costs are minimised
  • Higher capacities from an increased assortment and limited space in stores, the inventory levels must be reduced and obsolescence avoided
  • Cross-docking capabilities

Case Studies