End customers are looking more and more at specific products, buying their groceries from anywhere at any time and collecting on their way home. 

Grocers are reacting to this trend and fighting for market share by offering home deliveries, pick-up points, drive-in and convenience store concepts, which is adding a complete new set of challenges to their retail supply chain.

Grocery omni-channel – Brick and click solutions

Our customers take grocery e-commerce seriously and so do we. The logistics supply chain is changing compared to classic brick-and-mortar and store delivery solutions. Therefore, TGW offers the ideal automation set-up for each business including:

  • Online order / pick-up point or home delivery
  • Brick-and-mortar / store delivery

Grocery online solutions – The Food.com Solution

Mastering the supply chain of today’s grocers is a great challenge. The supermarket of today is not bound to a location in the town centre; it can be carried around in everybody’s pocket. 24/7 e-commerce logistics is about picking and transporting single products. A very limited time frame also has to be considered for frozen goods and fresh produce. Customer loyalty is based on the promise that grocers can deliver fresh food to your doorstep.

The quality of the logistics service relies on three main components:

  • Order punctuality- delivery of orders within the agreed time slot
  • Order accuracy - management of online orders to e-consumers’ exact specifications
  • Order condition - product delivered free from damage

Brick and mortar solutions - The PerfectPick system

The latest generation of TGW's PerfectPick system provides greatly improved software and more versatile product gripping tools, capable of building higher, denser and more stable pallets than prior releases, with improvements in the system's speed, order accuracy and store-friendly flexibility.

It can access tens of thousands of SKUs and palletise up to 1,000 mixed cases per hour, averaging 60 to 130 different SKUs per pallet.

Your benefits

  • Increased profitability: Dedicated Food.com solution which supports you in reaching the profitability in the grocery online sector you aim for
  • Quality: No limitations associated with ‘fresh’ due to specially designed picking equipment and areas for temperature sensitive products
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership: Automated solutions to reduce labour cost in labour intensive markets for a lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Wider SKU range: management and distribution of special assortments from 8,000 up to 30,000 SKUs
  • Order accuracy: Dedicated Food.com Distribution Centres fulfil orders with exact products to avoid substitute picking due to efficient, automated stock keeping
  • Packaging & transport: Special packaging solutions for the provision and dispatch of food
  • Reduced lead times for tight delivery schedules

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