Logistics centre for refrigerated goods

COOP’s automatic refrigeration system was designed as a regional fresh storage facility for approximately 360 COOP branches in northwestern Switzerland, Zurich and Central Switzerland. The daily updated store orders for dairy products as well as meat and fish are processed at +2° C by a 

fully automatic and highly dynamic picking system. This consists of a shuttle warehouse with automatic roller container depalletising for incoming and outgoing goods.

The process at a glance


  • 3-shift operation 7 days a week
  • Order picking: 100,000 packages per day on average; 125,000 on peak days
  • 6,500 storage and retrieval operations per hour
  • Goods stocking for approximately 2 days


The producers deliver their goods in standardised plastic boxes in roller containers or on pallets. In a first step, the stacked goods are automatically removed from the roller containers or pallets and then loaded onto holding racks which can hold up to 8 crates, depending on size.


The goods are then loaded onto the shuttle system. As this is a highly dynamic picking buffer, it can stock approximately two days’ worth of articles. The 60,000 storage locations are spread along seven aisles with 17 levels. 119 Stingray shuttles can perform up to 6,500 storage and retrieval operations per hour.

For store orders, the required plastic crates are removed from storage and transported fully automatically to roller container loading.

TGW’s software optimises the sequence and calculates the ideal finishing pattern based on the following criteria:

  • Optimum filling levels
  • High stability
  • Short walking distances in the supermarket

The loaded roller containers are secured and labelled with their appropriate shipping label. Then the goods are transported to the outbound buffer.